January 31, 2009

Public Support for Stimulus: Bad

"'B' as in broken, 'A' as in awful, 'D' as in dropping" (to lift a phrase from a Michael Crichton novel). Support for this thing is dropping like a rock. Via Hot Air.

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January 30, 2009

Because I Really Dig Redheads In The Over-40 Category

Dana Delaney.

dana delaney.jpg


DOUBLE-DAMN YIPS! from Robbo: She surely is teh goods.

Because You Can't Have To Much Of A Good Thing Yips! Back from Gary:

dana delaney2.jpg

Like extra hot fudge on yer sundae.

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Man Of Steele!

Former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele is the new Chairman of the RNC.

Michael Steele.jpg

Excellent choice IMHO.

Bio here. Good luck Mr. Chairman. You've got a lot of work to do.

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Shelve the Stimulus

Larry Kudlow's take at NR. Read it.

My personal take based upon what little I remember of college economics is that the Fed has done its part to ensure liquidity in the financial markets in the wake of the credit crunch through a huge increase in the money supply. Inflation will surely follow (as night follows day) if the money supply is not ratcheted back once the demand for money and the velocity of money picks up. The likely result will a second recession following on the heels of the first as interest rates shoot up.

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January 28, 2009

Question O-thority

I find the pants-wetting about Rush Limbaugh's defiance of The One be amusing and contemptible:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has launched an online petition for readers to express their outrage at conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh for saying last week that he wanted President Barack Obama to fail. The petition includes a 19-second sound byte of Limbaugh, saying, “If I wanted Obama to succeed, I’d be happy the Republicans have laid down. I don’t want this to work. So I’m thinking of replying to this guy, say ‘okay, I’ll send you a response, but I don’t need 400 words, I need four: I hope he fails.’”

On Tuesday, in a note at the top of his Web site , Limbaugh responded to the Democrats' petition: "I am greatly puzzled. Why would the Democrats petition against me if I am doing such terrible damage to the GOP? "

Last Friday, Obama advised Republicans to stop listening to Limbaugh if they wanted to get along with Democrats and the administration.

“You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done,” Obama said to Republican leaders who met with the president to talk about the stimulus package. On his radio program, Limbaugh noted that just as he wants Obama to fail, Obama wants Limbaugh to fail.

DCCC Executive Director Brian Wolff, blogging on the DCCC Web site, said Limbaugh has given Democrats "a preview of the outrageous Republican attacks that are on the way against President Obama and every Democrat working for change."

I've never been much of a Dittohead, occupying as I do a position in the Tory wing of the conservative movement, but I'm glad to see him nailing his flag to the mast. The question I have for Mr. Wolff and his ilk is why they don't embrace El Rushbo for speaking troof to power. I mean, isn't that a good in and of itself? Or does it depend on whose power we're talking about?

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Hey Brits, Where's Your Person-Of-Color Head Of State?

Now that Britain is all happy with America again because we have a black President (even Harry Potter), I feel it's the time to ask a question of its citizens.

Where's your black Prime Minister? When are we going to see someone from India, Burma, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Papua New Guinea or some other country that you've exploited and brutalized within the last four hundred years or so as your head of state?


We're waiting.

It's time to become enlightened so the United States respects you again, don't you think? What does it say about Britain if it can't bring itself to finally own up to its role as a murdering plunderer against people of color all over the world?

Hey, when you finally pull yourselves into the 21st century and make amends for your wicked ways you can call me.

Bloody hypocrites.

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I will have to re-think the whole Ashley Judd thing

Hot Air brings us this in which our gal is identified as the emcee at some NARAL event.

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January 27, 2009

Storm of the Century of the Week Watch

Although it's been a colder than normal winter so far, this morning Dee Cee finally is seeing the first "weather event" that could in any way be labeled a snowfall. 2-4 inches today (run for your lives!) and then some kind of nasty mix of ice and freezing rain tonight. I'll bet you twenty bucks right here and now that the entire District is shut down tomorrow.

Not wanting to look like I was panicking over what would turn out to be a mere dusting, I didn't bother with my boots this morning. Having crept up and down hill from the metro to my building, I'm now rayther beginning to wish I had worn them after all.

Oh, and because Mother Nature has such a perverse sense of humor, of course the Goreacle's testimony on the Hill about the impending global warming apocalypse will probably get canceled tomorrow. Is it just my imagination or does this seem to happen to old Al and his friends quite a lot?

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Bridget Fonda

hits 45, so say "happy birthday"

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January 26, 2009

Today is Robbo's day

so send your birthday greetings to the LLama who gives freeloaders like me a place to freeload.

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Babes Over Forty-Breakfast Club edition

Yahoo! is reporting that Molly is expecting twins. She turns 41 next month and in honor of these blessed events, we give you: the Brat Pack

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the Molly Look:

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and Molly in a more playful mood:

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21st Century Update Yips! from Gary:
And for the record, at almost 41 years of age, Ms. Ringwald is still bringing it:



Molly Ringwald.jpg

A perfect example of what good comes from leaving Hollywoood for a decade or so - no substance abuse, no ridiculous cosmetic surgery, no all-night parties.


Currently appearing on FoxFamily network in "The Secret Life of the American Teenager". The wife is addicted, and I wander into the living room every now and again to check Molly out. Aging like a '61 Bordeaux. Giggity!

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Day 7


And to think I squandered my birthday wish in the hope today would be unicorn day.

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January 25, 2009

Kennedy clan ticked off about Paterson's treatment of Princess Caroline:

From the Politico. My reaction is "so what?" Ted is not long for this world, Andrew Cuomo divorced Kerry Kennedy years ago, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend dropped off the radar scopes, Arnold is busy running the Left Coast into the ground, and Patrick Kennedy is a lightweight congressman from Rhode Island. Aside from money, how much real heat can they put on Paterson for deciding against giving Mrs. Schlossberg her first full time job?

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Where to move detainees after Club Gitmo closes

My recommendations: First and second up: the Presidio and Alcatraz: both are owned by the Park Service, have seen service as an Army post and a federal penititiary respectively, and both are in or near the 8th Congressional District, home to Madame Speaker. Third choice: Noman's Island, a National Wildlife Refuge conveniently located three miles south of Martha's Vineyard and thus close to Hyannis Port, summer home of Ted Kennedy.

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Plot line for the sequel to "An Inconvenient Truth"

Reconciling "global warming" theory with events in the UAE as it gets snow for the second time in memory. Via Drudge.

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January 24, 2009

Day 5


You know something, though? I'm suddenly beginning to have a new feeling about this whole business. While I'm not happy that The One won, on the other hand I'm now not unhappy that Maverick lost, if that makes sense. I suppose I'm getting this from seeing how fast Mav has dropped the conservative lip-service and has gone back to his old habits.

I hope the GOP is paying attention to all this. Perhaps my unicorn is a leaner, meaner truly conservative party going into the next round.

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What the Frack? We did not need to see

the closing scene of Adama and President Roslynn in BSG.

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Quantum of Olga

Mrs. LMC and I went to see Quantum of Solace last night at a local cinema cafe. It had all of the ingredients for a decent night out: action, good special effects, and a brunette Bond gal:

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January 23, 2009

Blago! Blago! Blago!

You don't think I'm going to let a header like that get away when Gov. Blago compares his arrest to the attack on Pearl Harbor, do you?

CHICAGO – Illinois' embattled but defiant governor turned to the history books to describe the emotional strain on him and his family, comparing his arrest last month to Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor.

"Dec. 9 to my family, to us, to me, is what Pearl Harbor Day was to the United States," Gov. Rod Blagojevich told The Associated Press in an interview Thursday. "It was a complete surprise, completely unexpected. And just like the United States prevailed in that, we'll prevail in this."

The two-term Democrat, speaking on a snowy sidewalk outside the office of one of his attorneys, said there was no chance he would resign before the start of his impeachment trial in the state Senate next week.

"I'm going to fight this to the very end," he said.

You know what? I kinda believe he will.

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Hope and change we can believe

if the rumors of Paterson picking an NRA-backed two-term congresswoman from upstate New York are true. Rep. Gillibrand voted against TARP and is "less than enthusiastic about gay marriage." (This does not mean she is a blonde version of Sarah Palin.) Via The NY Post and Drudge.

Hubba-Hubba Yips! from Gary:
Easy on the eyes, though:


A damn sight better than SWMNBN.

YIPS BACK FROM LMC: Well, it looks like they waived the 150 pound rule. One site is reporting that Pelosi is not too keen on her so that is another plus from our standpoint.

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Day 4


As for all this talk about invisible ghost vampire unicorns, I tried saying "Hope and Change" backwards three times at midnight, but there was no response.

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January 22, 2009

Gratuitous Lunchtime Observation

Of course, I have only limited visibility, but from my little corner of downtown Dee Cee it looks like an awful lot of folks are headed for the March for Life down on the Mall.

God bless 'em.

I'm not much of an activist myself, but each year I increasingly feel that I really ought to go along myself. At the least, I'm participating in my parish's contribution to the Church's anti-FOCA postcard campaign this weekend.

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The Official Diane Lane 44th Birthday Celebration Thread

Someday when I am King, my first royal order will be to declare January 22nd "Diane Lane Day" complete with a full blown parade down Sunset Boulevard in L.A. And it will be a mandatory legal holiday throughout the nation when our citizens can go to their theater of choice and see only Diane Lane films (which will be my second royal order).

However, until that day comes - as official Diane Lane booster of Llama land - you get this really kewl Diane Lane appreciation thread kicking off with this snazzy high-tech video:

Exit question: at only 44 years hot what is the estimated over/under age for Mrs. Brolin (or would he be Mr. Lane?) to receive official "Cougar" status?

Awesome Diane Lane pix below the fold. Enjoy...

DL diane edit.JPG

DL 2005.jpg

DL Diane Lane still hot at 44.JPG

DL cleavage.jpg

DL short hair.jpg

DL Super Hot.jpg


DL Red.jpg



DL 80s.JPG

DLgreen on couch 3.JPG

DLDiane Goddess In Black2.JPG

DLDiane Lane Hot.jpg



DLimages-must-love-dogs diane1.jpg

DLshort skirt.jpg

DLshow em.jpg




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Day 3


By the way, I'm already thoroughly sick and tired of this "repairing America's tattered image abroad" meme the press is running with. What, has She Who Must Not Be Named been tasked with handing out the unicorns overseas?

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Diane Lane

is 44 today so pass along your birthday wishes:

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January 21, 2009

Postcards From The Second Coming

The poor Missus came home from her book club this evening thoroughtly upset at the outright Obama-worship among her fellow members and their subtle but plain endorsement of the heckling poor ol' Dubya had to suffer during the inaugural ceremonies.

This struck a chord with me because earlier I had been thinking about the fact that I've still got my McCain/Palin bumper sticker attached to the ol' Jeep.

You see, I'm not one of those tongue-swallowing types who questions the legitimacy of the election or seeks to deny the fact that The One is now my President. Good luck to him, I says, and Godspeed.

At the same time, I've decided to keep my sticker as a protest against the mass hysteria that seems to have gripped the country. In my humble opinion, The One essentially sweet-talked his way into the Oval Office, whispering in the collective ear of the voters and promising them a magic carpet ride.

Well, okay then. Here we are. And here's the rug. I want to see the thing airborne before I surrender my skepticism. If we do, indeed, hurtle into the upper atmosphere, I will gladly admit that I misjudged The One. But until then....uh-uh.

As for the shabby treatment of Dubya by the Faithful? Shame. Shame. Nothing but shame.

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New Catholic Vote Ad

watch it:

Again, via the fine folks at Hot Air.

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Mrs. Schlossberg gives up her bid for her first full-time job

according to the fine folks at Hot Air.

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Count on us to ask the really important questions

such as: "Where is Renee O'Connor?" "Will she be reunited with Lucy Lawless?" "Will it be on BSG?"

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The world wonders.

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What A Guy!

I think Peggy was doing a bit of post-inaugural beer-goggling last evening:

Teddy Kennedy is gallant. He attended the swearing-in of the new president on Tuesday in the midst of serious illness, white-haired and frail—in his jaunty fedora he looked like his father, old Joe Kennedy, in 1939, when he first burst on the scene as the new American ambassador to the Court of St. James. The senator smiled as he walked toward his seat, sweetly blowing a kiss to a friend in the stands. Later, at the congressional lunch, he collapsed.

Four years ago it was Chief Justice William Rehnquist, who rose from his sickbed to swear in George W. Bush for a second term, and who died 7½ months later of the cancer from which he'd long suffered. Such personal gallantry has long graced our national life, and in its way makes that life possible. And so it should always be noted, with gratitude, and a tip of the hat. As I write I can hear the ambulance that is taking Sen. Kennedy to the hospital. He is a courteous person, much like the Bushes in being an old-school writer of notes and maker of calls, and one suspects very soon we'll be hearing that he called the new president to apologize for stepping on his story.

Got that? Teddy is just as classy and full of goodiness as Rehnquist and teh Bushes.

Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment.

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Day Two

Still no unicorn.

Not only that, gas has crept back up to a buck eighty-one at my local station this morning.

Where's the audacity???

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January 20, 2009

The Omama Inaugural

Up to a point, Lord Copper......

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"Thank You, Mr. President"

As we stand on the threshold of a new administration, the nation wonders what they can expect of the incoming President. Eight years ago, we wondered the exact same thing about the new 43rd President, George W. Bush. As is the case today, many of us think we already know what to expect. But the truth is we don’t. As with President Bush, some of these expectations will be fulfilled while others will have to be cast aside. And future events will undoubtedly lead to actions and decisions that will surprise us.

More below the fold...

In 2001, most (though not all) of us welcomed a new President. Weary of the impeachment mess and leadership directed by focus groups and polls, it felt like once again the grown-ups were back in charge. And it was reassuring. Tax cuts and education reform were the major issues being wrestled with in Washington and we went on with our lives as if the times we lived in weren’t particularly historic. Before the year was out, however, the country would be shaken to its foundations and its citizens would find themselves staring at a cross-roads and a new threat – the likes of which we had never known before.

That day, September 11th, did not change our new President. It revealed what he was made of. In hindsight, it’s impossible to say whether Bush’s focus and determination was the reaction we would have expected from him. Perhaps even he wouldn’t be able to say it for certain either. But the reaction was a welcome one.

Fighting this threat became the primary focus of his Presidency, as it should be. Article II of the U.S. Constitution is a surprisingly short section addressing the Executive Branch. More than half of the words in Article II deal with the manner in which the President is elected. Very little verbiage is dedicated to the President’s actual duties and responsibilities. But the one primary role that our founding fathers’ intended for the Presidency and spelled out clearly was that of Commander-In-Chief of the military. And with that role comes the responsibility of protecting this nation from all those who wish it ill and seek to cause it harm. This is the one true job that the President is entrusted with in the Constitution.

During times of peace, the President, gratefully, doesn’t have to be very active in that role other than being vigilant against potential threats.

During a time of war, it must be his number one priority.

Today, we are in a time of war. We have two ground wars that need to be managed. But in the grander scope we continue to fight a war against an enemy that seeks to destroy us in any way that it can. They attack us because we represent the one thing that is the biggest threat to their own ideology and the foundation of their power – freedom.

We need a Commander-In-Chief as much today as we did on September 11th. We don’t need a National Morale Booster to make us feel better about ourselves. We don’t need a Changer-In-Chief. And we certainly could do without a Celebrity-In-Chief.

When we needed a leader to assure us that “we will not tire, we will not falter and we will not fail”, George W. Bush stepped up and became that leader. We can all agree that, on many issues, Bush disappointed us and failed to live up to our expectations. But we can also agree that in the one role that the U.S. Constitution entrusted to him, he came through will flying colors.

And he did not shrink from the role one bit. His opponents on the Left and in the media chuckled when he called himself “The Decider” because they thought he meant that he believed himself to be the ultimate authority in the Federal Government. They were wrong. As “The Decider”, the President meant that he was prepared to make the difficult - and often unpopular - decisions as Commander-In-Chief and that he was also prepared to take full responsibility for them (not to mention the incessant criticism). The American people needed leadership and a President who would be a “decider” rather than an enabler, a waffler, an eternal deliberator or a panderer.

I, for one, am very grateful to President Bush. And as he heads out to his Crawford ranch for a well-deserved respite, I want to express my gratitude.

On behalf of my wife, my children and my fellow citizens, I want to say “Thank You, Mr. President”.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Because I truly hope and pray that in four or eight years from now, I can say the same thing again.

God speed.

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Day One

When I looked in my garage this morning and saw no unicorn, I have to confess that I found myself brushing away a little tear.


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January 19, 2009

Gut-Check Time

I probably don't need to do so, but I will remind my fellow Llamas on this last day before The Day that we're not going to spend the next four years sulking.

No indeed. Not our style at all. And besides, we certainly wouldn't want to stoop to the level of the Bush Derangement Syndrome crowd, now, would we?

Instead, as Steve-O's and my old crew coach used to to say, Gentlemen, let's have some fun with it:

Yip! Yip! Yip!

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The Saving Remnant

Sarah Palin's convention speech:

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For no particular reason

other than I feel like it:

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The One

His use of the plural "we" and plural possessive "our" borders on the imperial.

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Quoth The Ravens, "Nevermore!"

Hats off to the Steelers for putting the kybosh on Baltimore last evening. I've been hoping for the Ravens' downfall ever since they booted the 'Fins out of the playoffs so ignominiously.

So who to back in the Sooper Bowl? Go with the AFC champs or root for the Cinderella-story Cards? Or do I even care?

BTW, just to give you a sense of my age, I still have to consciously stop myself from thinking of the Cardinals as a St. Louis team.

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Avoiding Obama-Palooza As Much As I Can

It not easy. Flipping through channels, surfing the intertubes or walking by newspaper stands, it's pretty hard to keep from running into this ridiculous rapture being enjoyed by the media right now. They haven't had such a collective hard-on since Billy Jeff belted our "Heartbreak Hotel" on the sax on the Arsenio Hall show in June 1992.

Now, by nature I'm a man who considers himself a history enthusiast (I never could stand that term "buff" - what exactly does that mean?). So, normally I would be very interested in observing the historical peaceful transfer of power that has happened only 43 times prior.

But this is different. Watching the media prattle on about this event as if Christ himself were about to take the oath is too much to take. Seeing them revel in such an over-the-top fit of self-congratulatory bullshit is beyond unreal.

I honestly wish the new President well, for the country's sake if for no other reason. But for the next forty-eight hours it's going to tough to avoid it, though avoiding it will be my primary objective until Wednesday. My personal farewell to the Bushie is still on it's way and will get posted prior to noon tomorrow.

At least tonight we have an episode of "24" and I for one hour I can pretend that we're going to be under the protection of a steady hand. Sheesh.

Yips! From Robbo: Curiously enough, half the people in my neck of the Dee Cee 'burbs have fled for the extra long weekend and the other half have been pulled downtown under The One's gravitational effect. The result is that it's mighty quiet 'round here. I'm dreading the thought of the Wednesday morning commute, however.....

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Riddle me this--

"Climatologist" claims The One has only four years to save the world, pointing to shrinking ice caps yet Arctic sea ice is back to 1979 levels. My beef with man-made global warming theory is the models used do not adequately explain the weather we have had so why rely on them to predict the future? For example, how did the models miss the cooling trend we have been experiencing since 1998?

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January 18, 2009

It is Sunday night and time to take a moment to admire the passing scenery

Mrs. LMC ditched me to go out with the gals to a movie about some high school senior and a metrosexual vampire, leaving me to cook which means I take the Future ROTC Scholarship Recipient and Our Little Debutante to Silver Diner. Some flick or another made me think everyone is looking at me like I am a divorced dad enjoying his night out with the kids (minus the skanky stepmom who is barred from contact by some draconian visitation order).

We watched I, Robot after dinner. Bridget Moynahan caught my attention because I have a thing for brunettes:

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Strong candidate for the Babes Over Forty series in two years.

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It's Over, Eagles Fans

A nice run, but once again - YOU GET...NOTHING...YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY, SIR!

Eagles fans suck.jpg

I'll hand it to Arizona. Nine wins in a crappy division and they go all the way to the big game. At least now there's a worthy underdog to half-heartedly root for.

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Our Little Debutante: birthday gal, feather boa model, and playground hegemon

She turned four yesterday, an event which was marked by a short birthday wingding with a half a dozen local kids, and not one, but two feather boas (pink and purple, respectively). I will be cleaning up the damn feathers for weeks.

She attends pre-K several times a week for two or three hours and was the queen bee of her class--functioning as the playground hegemon in the foreign policy sense: setting the norms, enforcing the rules, and ruthlessly discouraging the rise of peer competitors. This balance of power worked well for the last several months but now some of the other girls are challenging her rule and O.L.D. does not take competition well. Should be interesting to see how it turns out.

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License plate sighting

"B OBAMA"--I am not making this up.

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Gratuitous Obamamania Sighting

In his sermon this morning, the rector at RFEC*, taking as his text 1 Samuel 3:1-21, actually suggested the Bush Administration could be seen as the discredited and moribund House of Eli, and that The One is the modern-day equivalent of the young Samuel, acting as God's chosen vehicle for renewed hope and change.

As he said this, I couldn't help reflecting that earlier in the day at Mass, Father took the opportunity to launch a blistering attack on the Freedom of Choice Act (or "FOCA"). The latest emanation from the culture of death, it would abolish all state laws limiting, controlling or restricting access to abortion on demand (including parental consent or notification requirements). Furthermore, through its non-discrimination language, it would effectively compel doctors and hospitals - including Catholic ones - to provide abortion services as part of their OB-GYN practice whether they want to or not.

The One has promised to sign this bill if and when it lands on his desk. No doubt God will realise His prior mistake and decide to become pro-choice.

Hope. You keep using that word. I do not think that word means what you think it means.

*Robbo's Former Episcopal Church

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January 16, 2009

Gratuitous BSG Posting

At least once per season, Ron D. Moore & Co. have presented an episode with a serious "WTF?!?" moment. Well they delivered tonight (and I'm not talking about the revelation of the final Cylon identity - that was good, but was more of a "whoa" moment).

Those who watched know of what scene I speak.

Questions were answered, yes. But more questions were raised. Moore promises that over the next nine (and final) episodes the "truth will be known". Well, he's got a lot of truth to cover in nine hours.

But, as has been the case in the past, I trust in Mr. Moore's ability to "wow" the audience. And I'll, of course, be looking to Jonah Goldberg for his thoughts.

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Clausewitz on wartime leadership

It is the impact of the ebbing of moral and phsycial strength, of the heart-rending spectacle of the dead and wounded, that the commander has to withstand-first in himself, and then in all those who, directly or indirectly, have entrusted him with their thoughts and feelings, hopes and fears. As each man's strength gives out, as it no longer responds to his will, the inertia of the whole comes to rest on the commander's will alone. The ardor of his spirit must rekindle the flame of purpose in all others, his inward fire must revive their hope. Only to the extent that he can do this will be retain his hold on his men and keep control. Once that hold is lost, once his own courage can no longer revive the courage of his men, the mass will drag him down to the brutish world where danger is shirked and shame is unknown. Such are the burdens in battle that the commander's courage and strength of will must overcome if he hopes to achieve oustanding success. The burdens increase with the number of men in his command and therefore the higher the position, the greater the strength of character he needs to bear the mounting load.

On War (Howard and Paret, ed.), pp. 104-105.

The burden of wartime command in the field are difficult to explain. My fellow lieutenant colonels lost men on the battlefield and each loss took a piece out of them. Nevertheless, they saddled up and went out every day because that is what leaders do.

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Quote Of The Day

Slublog, on "situational Patriotism" or the childish stance of holding your breath and stamping your feet because you don't like the current President:

I am an American regardless of who the president is, and that president is my president whether I voted for him or not. America is not a perfect country but it is a good one, and it does not lose that essential character when the party I did not support takes control of the government.
Now that's just gold, right there. Couldn't have expressed it any better.

In the linked WaPo story above, the paper reports that we now have the approval of our foreign neighbors, particularly in Europe. Tell me if this pull quote doesn't make you want to puke:

Jennifer Granger, 34, a teacher from New York who lives in Prague, said she no longer hesitates to say she is American.

"Thank God! It feels better," she said. "The people I work with give me high-fives and say things like 'You can be proud to be from your country again.' "

Oh gee, thanks a lot. Now we look to the Europeans for our self-worth?

Sorry Robbo and Steve, I know we try to keep this a fairly family-friendly blog here but Europe can gargle my balls!! I need their validation to be proud of America like I need a marble-sized kidney stone.

No thanks.

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Cranky? Moi?

Far be it from me to rob Peggy Noonan of the fun of running with an inaugural puff-piece today, but I would raise a couple of points of simple geography regarding its opening paragraph:


Flying in, we take the route over the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson, the Tidal Basin: the signs and symbols of the great republic. And you've seen it all a thousand times but you can't stop looking, and you can't help it, your eyes well. After a minute you realize you must have a moony look on your face, and you lean back. The lady to your right, engrossed in a paperback of "Marley & Me," sees nothing. Your gaze continues across the aisle, and you see another woman looking out the window in the same way, avidly taking it in. Her view includes the Capitol. She leans back.

Um, no Dear. Last time I checked, the Capitol was on the same side of the river as the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials. What the other lady was looking at was Arlington.

Also....one gets that view you're describing only when landing to the south. I'd have to go back and check the last couple days' weather to be sure, but I'm pretty sure the prevailing wind in Dee Cee has been out of the north most of the week.

Just thought I'd mention it.

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Your Friday Funny

From the Reluctant Optimist. Normally, I would just linky, but this is teh funniest damn thing I've seen in quite a long time and well worth repasting. (Clicky over to TRO to send your luv anyway.)

The No Hot Beverages Rule is now in effect:

Yips! to Groovy Vic.

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I echo my fellow Llamas, thank the president, and wish him well. He made difficult calls based on incomplete information and stuck to his guns when the Establishment types made it easy to cut and run. History will remember that he did everything in his power to ensure that the military, intelligence community, and law enforcement had the tools they needed to fight the greatest challenge to the United States in the 21st century. May he have a long and happy retirement and many grandchildren.

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January 15, 2009

God Speed, Mr. President


Watching Dubya's farewell address tonight, I was reminded: Yes, he maybe screwed up a lot of things, but faced with the ultimate challenge of our times, he did the right thing and stuck to it. And furthermore, continued to do so even in the face of a conventional wisdom that dictated appeasement, complacence and short-term political calculation.

I've not much doubt that history will look back and note that Dubya held the line against the jihad.

Bless you, Mr. President, and Salute!

"What He Said" Yips! From Gary:
I plan on a special "Thank You, Mr. President" post of my own just before Inauguration Day but I wanted to weigh in the speech as well. What struck me is that even though the last eight years have clearly taken their toll on him physically (as it happens with all two-term Presidents), he still projected a nervous energy and a twinkle in his eye that reveals a quiet confidence that I've always found reassuring. I never felt for one minute over the last seven years that he wasn't doing absolutely everything he could to protect us.

A pretty broad collection of citizens in this country may be content to stew in their ingratitude. They continue to about their daily lives without a thought to all those men and women who risk everything to keep this country safe. That is very sad.

Fortunately, many of us feel differently.

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Random Commuter Observation - Pre-Inaugural Edition

The noose continues to tighten around Dee Cee:

WASHINGTON (AFP) – An unprecedented security blanket has been draped over the US capital for Barack Obama's inauguration next week, and the threat level to the country's first black president is expected to remain high well beyond his swearing-in.

More than 12,500 active troops and military reservists, thousands of metropolitan police as well as personnel from 57 departments around the nation are descending on Washington to protect against any potential terrorist attack during Tuesday's historic ceremony, according to officials.

With estimates of up to a record two million people attending, the Department of Homeland Security has designated Obama's inauguration a national special security event.

"I think we all have to be concerned about a chemical, biological, radiological potential attack," Major General Richard Rowe, head of the Armed Forces Inaugural Committee, said Wednesday.

To counter the threat, officials are putting in place what is likely to be the biggest and most advanced inaugural security operation ever.

As a matter of fact, at least on my particular trudge I haven't yet noticed all that much of a military presence, aside from a few more cops loitering around the metro.

On the other hand, I damn near got run down by a squad of giant street-sweepers barreling up E Street this morning.

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Everything Seemingly Is Spinning Out Of Control

My God in Heaven, now it's feces-flinging monkeys!

CLEARWATER, Fla. (AP) - Wildlife officials said a rhesus monkey known to throw feces when mad is on the loose in Tampa Bay. Authorities have been trying to capture the primate since Tuesday afternoon, but it managed to evade a bucket truck and tranquilizer dart.

Gary Morse with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says the adult male is thought to have escaped from an unlicensed source. It was last seen in Clearwater.

The monkey is not considered dangerous.

Sure - that's what they said about the chimp "Caesar" and look what happened.

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Riddle me this--

How does the man who would be Treasury Secretary claim the failure to pay withholding taxes was an oversight when IMP reimbursed him for taxes he did not pay? Via Byron York and this great piece at NR.

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January 14, 2009

Richardo, RIP

So in his honor, here is this clip from The Wrath of Khan:

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Gratuitous Domestic Posting - Outdoor Division

Longtime reader Babs writes:

It is time to seriously think about the seeds you will be germinating this year... Last year was a complete blow out for me as we had a hail storm early in the season, soon after we placed our plants outdoors. Last year was a wipe out.

Hope springs eternal and I vowed to start the seedlings earlier than last year so they would be stronger, bigger, more able to withstand hail or whatever God placed before them... Yeah! We will prevail this year!!!!!!

So, what are your thoughts?

Well, my first thought is a sense of guilt that I still haven't cleaned out the dead stuff from my garden from last year. (I haven't got round to bringing in the porch furniture, either.) For some reason I got busy and distracted this fall.....and the next thing I know it's the middle of January!

As for what's going to happen this year, I am of two minds: On the one hand, the same basic set of plants has been in for three or four years now and is beginning to mature nicely. The hands-off side of me says leave well enough alone - just concentrate on feeding and pruning.

On the other hand, I've never really been terribly happy about my soil (too much clay). I've also made the mistake of letting Kong the Buddleia run riot, and now the Konglings are infesting all the rest of the beds. The hands-on side of me says get out there this spring with a tiller, a wheelbarrow and several cubic meters of topsoil/compost, dig it all up and start over again.

But no matter what course I take within the garden, the one thing I'll have to do is work on its defensive perimeter. I've more or less stopped the deer and the rabbits, but last year a woodchuck started burrowing in and snacking. This must not be allowed to happen again.

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Random Commuter Observation

How odd it is that given a) the current economic doom and gloom, and b) the wave of Obamamania sweeping over Your Nation's Capital, nonetheless the "help wanted" sign in the window of the Inaugural store around the corner from me has been there for something better than a week now.

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January 13, 2009

Gratuitous Nats Posting


It's never too early to start thinking about the return of baseball (pitchers and catchers report in 32 days) and here's some good nooz for Nats fans:

Mid Atlantic Sports Network (MASN) and WDCW-TV, DC50, inked a multiyear deal to simulcast 20 Washington Nationals games on the over-the-air broadcast network each season.

In recent years the Washington Nationals have been known as the least-watched team in Major League Baseball. With an average of 8,000 households watching each game, the Nationals ended the latest season with the biggest year-to-year percentage slump in baseball — at 51 percent.

The new partnership will let the games be shown throughout the Washington area on broadcast and cable.

“This agreement will bring more and better distribution for Nationals games, more marketing and promotion for the team, and more direct spending on behalf of the club in the Washington region,” said Todd Webster, a spokesman at MASN, which carries more than 600 live sporting events every year.

The over-the-air games will no longer be televised exclusively by MASN’s broadcast partner in the local market, but will be carried on MASN or MASN2 throughout the Washington market and MASN’s entire seven-state coverage area.

“Nats Xtra,” MASN’s pre- and post-game show, will also air on DC50 before and after each game.

“As we enter the 2009 season, the Washington Nationals will enjoy greater television exposure throughout the region because of MASN’s new partnership with DC50,” said Nationals President Stan Kasten, in a statement.

Through the partnership, the team will get cable and broadcast TV spots and visibility from radio, outdoor, and online advertising.

I will tell you here and now that I have never really believed that an average of only 8000 households in the Dee Cee market were watching Nats games on tee vee last season. I dunno how that figure was derived, but based just on water-cooler talk and the like, I've got to conclude that it's not accurate. In fact, even if you tell me it's right, I'm still going to insist it's wrong.

By the way, while I enjoy the game-calling by Bob Carpenter and especially the dead-pan delivery of Don Sutton from the booth, this year I think we should see more of the lovely and talented Debbi Taylor reporting from the stands and the dugout.


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I'm Buying Some "Depends" Stock RIGHT NOW!

5000 port-o-potties for an estimated couple million impatient bowels. You do the math.

WASHINGTON - The masses heading to the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama could spend a lot of time in line for a port-a-potty.

A George Washington University law professor says the 5,000 port-o-potties planned for Inauguration Day will be "grossly inadequate."

Professor John Banzhaf, the so-called "Father of Potty Parity" sent a letter to the Presidential Inaugural Committee warning of potential lawsuits.

He says women, who take longer in the restroom, could be forced to wait in longer lines than men, and that amounts to discrimination.

Banzhaf says waiting in long lines is not just an inconvenience. It can trigger medical problems. He's asking the Presidential Inaugural Committee to make the toilets gender-neutral so that women do not have to wait longer than men.

"Grossly inadequate" is about right. Ha, ha, ha. (I suppose that when you're the "Father of Potty-Parity" these little bon mots just come naturally.)

One thing I don't understand: Aren't port-o-potties pretty much "gender- neutral" anyway? I've never noticed them being segregated before. Indeed, my standard - in the event I'm actually driven to use one - is to pick the least disgusting.

Anyhoo, no matter what happens, the Inaugural Committee will still be able to say - of this matter at least - that all its problems are behind it.

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Say "happy birthday" to Julia Louise Dreyfus

because I am partial to brunettes and her character as Elaine was favorite from Seinfeld.

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January 12, 2009

Better times than these

Kirstie hits 58 today, so here she is, back in the day:

Flixster - Share Movies

Yips! from Robbo: Poor ol' Kirstie. As it happens, I plan to introduce the elder Llama-ettes to The Wrath of Khan this weekend.


One of my favorite scenes featuring Kirstie from the movie thanks to YouTube, and yes, she is wearing her hair differently:

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I am not making this up

Via Hot Air: Man wants to be Hooters Girl.

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Gratuitous Middle East Observation

The term "Peace Process" grates on my nerves like fingernails scraping on a blackboard. It's also about as helpful for sorting out the relations among Israel and her neighbors.

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Behold The Awesome Power Of The Dark Side Of The Force!

Ya know, I used to think (well, hope really) that after the horrendous tailspin which was the final three installments of the Star Wars saga, the whole thing would just sort of peter out and George Lucas would gradually fade into the background of cultural influence.

Well, somebody evidently found my lack of faith disturbing.

The middle Llama-ette celebrated her ninth birthday over the weekend with a party at Orgle Manor for about twenty of her closest friends. The entertainment was provided by a local magician, and at the end of his show he handed out balloons shaped to request.

Almost every single one of the kiddies wanted not a poodle or a swan or whatnot, but instead a balloon light-saber. And as they armed themselves, a pitched battle broke out featuring all the characters from the Clone Wars cartoon series. I was quite surprised to learn that all the Llama-ettes were well up on the dramatis personae, as I didn't even know they watched the durn thing.


I suppose in one sense it's not all that different from Cowboys and Indians, but I sure wish it were somebody else spinning the tale.

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January 11, 2009

Run Awaaaaaaaay!!!!

Obama-lock gets closer and closer and closer......

President-elect Barack Obama's inaugural committee has pledged to make his Jan. 20 swearing-in ceremony the most "accessible" in U.S. history. But growing security concerns and staggering crowd estimates may be dissuading would-be witnesses from making the trip to Washington to be part of the historic event.

The Pennsylvania-based Red Lion Bus Company has canceled nearly all of its trips to Washington on inaugural week because passengers are steadily backing out of their reservations, the company's owner told FOXNews.com.

"Most passengers are canceling because they're not able to get tickets to any place where you could really see anything," said company owner Dennis Warner.

And Red Lion's passengers might not be the only ones second-guessing their travel plans.

Shortly after Obama's victory on Nov. 4, Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty said he estimated that 4 to 5 million people would attend the inauguration. City officials have reduced that number to 2 million, because it is impossible for the trains and local roads to enable 5 million spectators to reach the parade route or the ceremony at the Capitol.

"Accessibility is a big question right now," said Rebecca Pawlowski, director of communications for Washington's official tourism bureau.

Gee, ya think?

Pravda on the Potomac ran a front page article today giving helpful hints for walking into Dee Cee from as far out as three or four miles in the Virginia and Maryland suburbs. Never mind that the forecast for next Tuesday is calling for the temperature to not even break 30 degrees. I suppose love of The One will be sufficient to keep people warm.

Fortunately, I will have both the Monday and Tuesday off. I'm also trying to arrange a biz travel trip to get me the hell out of the way for the rest of the week.

UPDATE: You know, whenever I post on this topic I get a flood of "sour grapes" emails in response.

Let me make clear that while I believe that we're in for some "interesting times" in the Chinese curse sense, I also a) recognize that the guy won fair and square and b) sincerely hope that I'm all wrong about him. My kvetching about the Inauguration focuses on the likelihood that the entire Dee Cee metro area is about to be transformed into a giant mosh pit and I wouldn't want any part of it no matter who it was for.

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Davy Jones' Locker Gets A Cash Infusion

I suppose I really ought not to, but I find this story intensely amusing:

Five Somali pirates drowned when a wave washed off their getaway boat as they squabbled over over how to split their $3 million ransom.

The ransom had been paid to the pirates to end the world's biggest ship hijacking.

The canister full of cash was parachuted onto the Sirius Star - observed by the U.S. Navy who provided these images - and the two-month ordeal of the 25 crew, including two Britons, was finally over.

The pirates originally wanted more than £16 million to release the boat and its £65 million load of oil. Eventually they accepted the offer of $3million (around £2million).

'Two of them swam and survived. One is still missing. The weather was so terrible that it blew the boat over, then sank it. We got five dead bodies and we are still searching for the missing one. The waves were disastrous,' said Farah Osman, an associate of the gang.

N'yar, Jim lad! Who knew Nemesis be such a good swimmer!

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Llama, Llama

Thank you very much for the thousands of entries sent in response to our Llama-Rama New Logo contest!

After careful consideration and deliberation, the Committee decided to award the honor of emblazing the first new art on the Llama sidebar in many a moon to the lovely and talented Sarah G. of Life At Full Volume. Congratulations, Sarah!

As you will see, the Committee also decided that rayther than replacing the original Double-Llama image, we would go ahead and add the new one below it, with suitable biographical information attached. The Committee felt that this was appropriate a) in order to salute the efforts of the original Llama staff while also harmoniously recognizing the talents of the up-and-coming junior members, and b) because none of the Committee could figure out which template thing-gummy to fiddle with in order to make such a switch. All in all, we believe it's worked out pretty durn well.

Thankee again, Sarah, for your hard work. And Gary and Mr. LMC? Congrats: You are hereby O-ficially recognized as Full Partners in the Llama Bruthahood.

Now, get to work.

Yip! Yip! Yip!

Celebratory Yips! from Gary:
An appropriate time for the Llama-licious Llama Flash song, no?

Personally, my dream is for someone to put together a CG youtube video to the tune of "I Am A Gummy Bear". Can you hear it? "I am a Llamabutcher, I am a Llamabutcher, Oh I’m a yummy tummy funny lucky Llamabutcher..."

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Sunday NFL Playoff Thread

Well, it looks like I may be the only one here with a dog in the hunt. Yesterday's two upsets nicely increase the odds that the remaining home teams will pull victories today (or so I hope).

I don't know what the actual statistics are but based on my own observations it's very rare to have more than two home teams lose on Divisional Playoff weekend. Oh, I know it's happened. But it rarely does. The big question is are the Giants and Steelers prepared to bring it today in front of the home fans. Or will they each take their opponent too lightly and flame out like yesterday's contenders?

We shall see.

Now a lot of people loved the fact that the NY Giants slapped down the perfect season dreams of the dreaded Patriots last year. But the goodwill has burned away and now the Giants are the target to be taken down...lest their fans become too cocky.


So here we are with a match-up against a division rival I despise. A win would be sweet. A loss would piss me off more than a loss to any other opponent (other than the Cowboys). Let's go!

Let me echo what you'll hear a lot from Jack Bauer later tonight...


Man this is hard to swallow. The only thing that could make up for this is for Philly to go all the way and choke in the Superbowl for the THIRD TIME in the last thirty years. Because the only thing worse than not getting to the Superbowl is getting to the Superbowl and getting your ass pounded harder than the new kid in C block. I look forward to the opportunity to taste the salty tears of Eagles fans come Feb 1.

I swear, if it were any other team I could pull together some semblance of good sportsmanship. But anyone who remembers "The Fumble" game of 1979 can appreciate why I despise the Philadelphia Eagles with the same white hot intensity of a thousand burning suns that I hold for the Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals as a Mets fan.

And this...is what my season has come to.

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January 09, 2009

Your Friday Assignment

Everything seemingly is spinning out of control. Now it's a long-dormant mega-volcano under Yellowstone Park that's about to let loose:

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - Run for your lives ... Yellowstone's going to explode!

Hundreds of small earthquakes at Yellowstone National Park in recent weeks have been an unsettling reminder for some people that underneath the park's famous geysers and majestic scenery lurks one of the world's biggest volcanoes.

In the ancient past, the volcano has erupted 1,000 times more powerfully than the 1980 blast at Mount St. Helens, hurling ash as far away as Louisiana. No eruption that big has occurred while humans have walked the earth, however, and geologists say even a minor lava flow is extremely unlikely any time soon.

Some observers are nonetheless warning of imminent catastrophe.

"To those of us who have been following these events, we know that something is brewing, especially considering that Yellowstone is over 40,000 years overdue for a major eruption," warned a posting on the online disaster forum Armageddononline.org.

Another Web site contained a page entitled "Yellowstone Warning" that encouraged "everyone to leave Yellowstone National Park for 100 miles around the volcano caldera because of the danger in poisonous gasses that can escape from the hundreds of recent earthquakes."

That site, which carried the U.S. Geological Survey logo, has since been taken down.

"A casual observer would be led to believe that was an official source," park geologist Hank Heasler said, pointing out that the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, which monitors the park for seismic activity, hasn't changed the volcano's alert level from "normal."

Working with the Geological Survey, Yellowstone spokesman Al Nash issued a press release Thursday saying no evacuation had been ordered.

Jessica Robertson, a Geological Survey spokeswoman in Reston, Va., said the Web page violated the USGS trademark and that the agency's attorneys were investigating whether a federal offense was committed.

You know the drill. Impending epic disaster coupled with Guv'mint denial and cover-up.

So here's your question: Who stars in the movie? The only restriction is that it can't be anyone who was in Volcano or Dante's Peak.

Just to get you started, I'm thinking Steve Carroll as the hapless USGS Administrator and, say, Kathy Griffin as the sexually ambiguous partner of the female scientist lead who gets red-shirted by an unexpectedly untimely spouting of Old Faithful.

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Father Richard John Neuhaus, R.I.P.

From NR, read it.

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January 08, 2009

One Advantage Of Having Democrats In Complete Control

The Daily Show is even funnier nowadays:

I was getting weary of the Dick Cheney gags. At least Jon Stewart and Co. can goof on the MSM for a change.

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OK Just Stop It Right Now

Will somebody please tell Sen. McCain that if I didn't send him any money when he was our only hope against an Obama Presidency I'm sure as shinola not going to send him one thin dime for his new PAC. (Got the email a couple of days ago, I thought it was a joke.)

I mean, really, this is just embarrassing.

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January 07, 2009



Perhaps I'm laughing harder at this cartoon this morning because my feet are still so damned cold.

Yips! to Edward John Craig at NRO's Planet Gore, who remarks, 'Watch: climate realists will now not only be called flat-earthers — "they're BOOK BURNERS, TOO!"'

Double heh.

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Llama PSA

Llama Sign.png

Just a friendly reminder that the Llama-rama New Logo contest remains open for submissions until Sunday evening. We've already had a couple of great ones, but we want to make sure that everyone who wants a shot at their own piece of camelid glory has the opportunity.

Yip! Yip! Yip!

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Random Commuter Observation

A cold, cold rain here in Your Nation's Capital this morning.

When I was younger, I used to love being outdoors in this sort of weather. Now? Not so much. Oh, I still love the weather, but I would prefer to enjoy it in front of a roaring fire with a nice, peaty glass of Single Malt within easy reach. As it is, after my walk from the metro this morning, my socks are wet and my toes are chilled and I hate it. Hate it.

I turn 44 in a few weeks. I won't presume to call myself old, but it's safe to say anyway that I'm not a kid anymore.

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January 06, 2009

Second Verse? Same As The First!

What with the nooz today of the eeeeevil Israeli Sturmtruppen shelling innocent Palestinian school kids in the Gaza, I thought it getting close to time to repost what is perhaps the greatest YouTube ever put together (not, I hasten to add, by me):

I assume the gang over at the Sandcrawler are standing by to do a sequel if necessary......

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Now THERE'S Some Good News!


Depressed by TMD (Too Much Drudge)? Well, if you're of the right persuasion, this ought to brighten your day: Jennifer Love Hewitt is back in circulation.

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Random Commuter Observation

An Inauguration store has opened up around the block from my office. At least that's what I suppose it is, as it is loaded with The One merchandise. The windows are full of displays of tee shirts with messages like "Hope" or a peace symbol with the caption "Back By Popular Demand" superimposed on it.

Now it may just be my own bias talking, but reading about all the policy back-tracking and all the Clinton-retread appointments The One has been making, I have a curious sense of how dated these slogans seem when I see them, as if all the campaign rhetoric was just so much yadda-yadda-yadda, to be discarded once the race was over.

Now personally, I wouldn't mind at all if this was the case. But it'll be interesting to see how the True Believers take it when they figure out what's happened.

Oh, the shop also has a "help wanted" sign prominently displayed. And just a few doors away, a bum has been passed out under a blanket for the past couple days. I am strongly tempted to go in the store and ask whether anyone has thought of offering that guy a job, or all they all just a bunch of blood-thirsty Capitalists?

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January 05, 2009

Who Would Be The LAST Person You'd Pick To Head The CIA?

If you said Leon Panetta, you win a cigar.

The Jack Bauers of the world better put in for early retirement...fast.

What, Lanny Davis wasn't available?

Yips! from Robbo: Dang! I had a sawbuck on Sandy "Sticky Fingers" Berger!

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Llama-Rama Contest Announcement

As anyone who has been paying the slightest attention here will know, the sidebar Llama pic is somewhat out of date. I got thinking over the break that it really needs to be amended in order to bring Gary and the LMC more cred. For instance, I thought it might be humorous to add two more Llamas to the pic, one with donkey ears, the other sporting a MacArthur hat, sunglasses and corncob pipe.

The problem? I can't photoshop.

Soooooo.....here's YOUR chance to have some fun. The task: send in a new Llama group shot incorporating the current images of Steve-O and Self, plus those of Gary and the LMC, making it the same size and shape as the current one so I can swap them out easily. You don't have to use my ideas, of course, but you can see where I'm going with it.

The prize? Well, apart from the chance at pixilated immortality, if you really want one I'll be happy to send an autographed Llama thong along.

Email your entries to the Tasty Bits (TM) Mail Sack. We'll close the window at midnight, Sunday, January 11 and announce (and display) the winner shortly thereafter.

Yip! Yip! Yip!

Yips! from Gary!
If anyone is interested, I've got a Llama photo available for public use:

new LB shades.JPG

It's the one I signed off with at the old Ex-Donkey blog. Of course, if you can find a snarkier looking camelid by all means have at it.

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Random Commuter Observations

It would seem that the sidebar issue we've been having has gone away - at least it doesn't seem to be showing up this morning in either Firefox or IE. I take no credit for resolving this issue beyond resisting the urge to muck about with things until I'd seen whether they would clear themselves up.

On a totally different note, although NPR did not actually use the terms "storm-troopers" and "Blitzkrieg" in its coverage of the Israeli move against Hamas in Gaza this morning, you could tell that they were certainly itching to do so.

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January 04, 2009

Underworld: Sound Off or On

The trailer for the latest installment of the Underworld series:

Fear and Loathing in Georgetown was kind enough to point out that this flick does not have Kate Beckinsale but Rhona Mitra who is equally easy on the eyes:

Rhona Mitra Photos

Rhona Mitra celebrity profile

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Gran Torino

Trailer for Clint's newest flick from Trailer Spy:

Gran Torino Trailer

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Free Heather Locklear campaign successful

Special Agent Bedhead links to an article that reports Heather pleaded to reckless driving and the DUI charge was dismissed. So in honor of this milestone in human history, we post her smiling visage:

Flixster - Share Movies
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On that shoe-throwing incident with Bush

a few weeks ago in Baghdad. The MSM was all atwitter about how the incident should be seen as how an indication of how the Iraqi people see the invasion. Unmentioned anywhere in the accounts was the cultural context in which this took place. The Iraqis have an extreme sense of hospitality. A guest is considered to be under the physical protection of the host--as my Iraqi counterpart in Baghdad once reminded me. An attack on the guest is an insult to the host, and, carried to its logical extreme, an attack on the host. To throw a shoe at a guest of the Prime Minister who happens to be the President of the United States, is an embarassment to Al-Maliki, if not an attack on him. It was no wonder the shoe thrower was roughed up.

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Some books are best read with a beer

especially On War by none other than Carl von Clausewitz. Trust me.

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Heresy At The HuffPost!

When a hard-Lefty site like the Huffington Post actually allows a member blogger to slam Al Gore as a charlatan and man-made Global Warming...er, Climate Change, then you know this scam is beginning to crumble like a house of cards.

Ten years from now many of us who already see through this BS will be snickering about how so many people were hoodwinked into buying it hook line and sinker. We'll be referring to this as "The Big Green Lie".

h/t: Ace

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January 03, 2009

Robbo Redux

Happy 2009, everybody!

Yes, I'm back from the hols. No, I don't know why the sidebars are doing strange things at the moment.

Very busy playing catch up after my extended absence - I'll try and post more later. I just have one thing to say: I have never been more saddened and appalled than when I saw the 900 year old, post-stroke face of Dick Clark emceeing whichever network's Noo Year's Eve coverage it was. I mean, the tradition and all is nice, but there's a line that shouldn't be crossed and, horibile dictu, it certainly has been crossed.

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January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

From all of us at the Butcher Shop.

May 2009 be a damn sight better than 2008.**

**Spot the paraphrased quote (Hint: 70's TV show)

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