January 25, 2009

Where to move detainees after Club Gitmo closes

My recommendations: First and second up: the Presidio and Alcatraz: both are owned by the Park Service, have seen service as an Army post and a federal penititiary respectively, and both are in or near the 8th Congressional District, home to Madame Speaker. Third choice: Noman's Island, a National Wildlife Refuge conveniently located three miles south of Martha's Vineyard and thus close to Hyannis Port, summer home of Ted Kennedy.

Posted by LMC at January 25, 2009 02:12 PM | TrackBack

I like this added feature of Noman's, which could prove useful for your suggested purpose: "Due to the potential safety risks associated with unexploded ordnance... the Refuge is closed to all public uses."

Posted by: ChrisN at January 25, 2009 03:41 PM