January 15, 2009

God Speed, Mr. President


Watching Dubya's farewell address tonight, I was reminded: Yes, he maybe screwed up a lot of things, but faced with the ultimate challenge of our times, he did the right thing and stuck to it. And furthermore, continued to do so even in the face of a conventional wisdom that dictated appeasement, complacence and short-term political calculation.

I've not much doubt that history will look back and note that Dubya held the line against the jihad.

Bless you, Mr. President, and Salute!

"What He Said" Yips! From Gary:
I plan on a special "Thank You, Mr. President" post of my own just before Inauguration Day but I wanted to weigh in the speech as well. What struck me is that even though the last eight years have clearly taken their toll on him physically (as it happens with all two-term Presidents), he still projected a nervous energy and a twinkle in his eye that reveals a quiet confidence that I've always found reassuring. I never felt for one minute over the last seven years that he wasn't doing absolutely everything he could to protect us.

A pretty broad collection of citizens in this country may be content to stew in their ingratitude. They continue to about their daily lives without a thought to all those men and women who risk everything to keep this country safe. That is very sad.

Fortunately, many of us feel differently.

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Amen, amen, Brother Llama.

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