January 06, 2009

Second Verse? Same As The First!

What with the nooz today of the eeeeevil Israeli Sturmtruppen shelling innocent Palestinian school kids in the Gaza, I thought it getting close to time to repost what is perhaps the greatest YouTube ever put together (not, I hasten to add, by me):

I assume the gang over at the Sandcrawler are standing by to do a sequel if necessary......

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Whether you’re Israeli, Palestinian or any other individual who’s showing interest in what’s going on in our world, I salute you and want to start by saying, that I love all peace loving people.

Only cowards deliberately use children as human shields for their Terror agenda.

Like most people I’ve spent most of my grown up years especially the last week watching and reading through most news coverage of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in Gaza and other parts of the middle-east.

The picture looks incomplete. Some elements are somehow missing from most coverage stories of this conflict – where is the coverage of a purpose driving Hamas and its methods.

Take Gaza a few years ago: an agreement was reached between Israel and the Palestinian-authority over land territories. Gaza enjoyed from financial support from all neighbor countries, US and EU.
Take Gaza today - terror group within the Palestinian population (Hamas) overpowered its own government and separated themselves from the rest of their people.
Did Hamas use the peace opportunity and the donations to build infrastructures in their territories that will serve their own people and create better life for them?
They used the now “controlled” territories to arm themselves to the teeth and build a complex terror-infested mechanism that works from within the congested living space. What they call “their own people”.

They gave “their own people” no choice in deciding whether they are interested in having their backyards transform to missile launch platforms. Would you speak up against a Terror group who solely controls your own neighborhood and kills anyone who protests? All that time they kept doing what they have been doing for the past years - teasing their next door neighbor by shooting missiles and rockets, deliberately targeting its innocent civilian population and then proudly celebrating every death they caused.

Knowing that their neighbor has the power and instruments to wipe them out in one swing, the terrorists, Hamas, used and still are using “their own people” women and children as human shields, knowing that as opposed to them their neighbors are not interested in and are against killing innocent helpless souls.

Now, is there something wrong in this picture?
Would you throw stones at a sleeping Lion while hiding behind your neighbors’ children?

Israel has never targeted civilians! Never! At the same time Israel, as any other sovereign state has the obligation to defend its own people against any and all who intend to bring them harm.

While Israel is doing all in it’s power to pinpoint it’s targets and destroy a Terror group while hurting as least innocent people as possible, the Hamas targets mostly the innocent and uses “it’s own people” for cover and even for worldwide deliberate propaganda.

And the most ridiculous point comes when Hamas compares it to the Jewish holocaust. I’m not one of the people who like to go on and on about the Jewish holocaust for political purposes, so I’ll just say that there is a difference between genocide and blaming someone else for killing and using your own people as human shields.

Hamas brings its own terror fights to the homes of “its own people”, then it lets them take the bullets for it, and then it uses “its own people’s” bodies for its propaganda in the worldwide media!!! The more innocent people die on both sides, the more material Hamas has for its propaganda!!!

This is a call to all Media organizations. Please respect your audience, your work and yourself. Invest more time into bringing to light some real facts about the history nature and activity of Terror groups that are involved in stories that you cover. By choosing the easy way and not doing the hard work today, you are helping to bring the same Terror to your own backyards.

Who uses the lives of children for their own agenda?
Get your facts straight at:

Posted by: mosheg at January 7, 2009 12:02 AM

It is still the same old story of bloody jews claiming to be the victims when they are performing one of the worst atrocities in recent human memory. Why do they call it a war in the first place??? Is there any comparison whatsoever b/w the two parties. I bet if there was any comparison like for e.g. if Palestine would have had a regular army of a small country with the basic military facets, these zionists would be have been embarassed the same way as in 2006 in Lebanon. It is different to have tanks in front of stone hurling children and face real men with fully loaded weapons. These cowards have grown used to killing innocents that if they were put in real combat with another country's army, they would be like sniveling dogs. First you create the world's biggest prison and concentration camp, not allowing food, medicine, fuel in and then when the population protests, you start bombarding them and killing them with unparalleled military might. On top of that the biggest issue is that you are illegally occupying their lands too!! There would be very few examples in history of such atrocities...... and let USA defend the same on a biased basis.

Posted by: salmanshoaib at January 7, 2009 06:34 AM

Was Hezballah created out of thin air? The only reason Hezballah exists is because of Israel's 20 year illegal occupation of South Lebanon. Hezballah is a group of Lebanese men who were sick of having their land occupied, so they fought to liberate South Lebanon they succeeded in removing all Israeli from alot of LEBANESE land, Shebaa farms which is Lebanese is still currently illegally occupied by Israel.

And please stop writing things like this because . Just read the headlines "UN school hit Hamas terrorists there ", the UN stated that Hamas was no where near the school & the Secretary General highly condemned Israel but once again the news is filled with lies. The Israelis hit a UN school that was filled with civilians, they have targeted UN personnel in the past, in Lebanon they bombed a UN truck.

Posted by: Joelle at January 7, 2009 07:26 AM