January 27, 2009

Storm of the Century of the Week Watch

Although it's been a colder than normal winter so far, this morning Dee Cee finally is seeing the first "weather event" that could in any way be labeled a snowfall. 2-4 inches today (run for your lives!) and then some kind of nasty mix of ice and freezing rain tonight. I'll bet you twenty bucks right here and now that the entire District is shut down tomorrow.

Not wanting to look like I was panicking over what would turn out to be a mere dusting, I didn't bother with my boots this morning. Having crept up and down hill from the metro to my building, I'm now rayther beginning to wish I had worn them after all.

Oh, and because Mother Nature has such a perverse sense of humor, of course the Goreacle's testimony on the Hill about the impending global warming apocalypse will probably get canceled tomorrow. Is it just my imagination or does this seem to happen to old Al and his friends quite a lot?

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