January 22, 2009

The Official Diane Lane 44th Birthday Celebration Thread

Someday when I am King, my first royal order will be to declare January 22nd "Diane Lane Day" complete with a full blown parade down Sunset Boulevard in L.A. And it will be a mandatory legal holiday throughout the nation when our citizens can go to their theater of choice and see only Diane Lane films (which will be my second royal order).

However, until that day comes - as official Diane Lane booster of Llama land - you get this really kewl Diane Lane appreciation thread kicking off with this snazzy high-tech video:

Exit question: at only 44 years hot what is the estimated over/under age for Mrs. Brolin (or would he be Mr. Lane?) to receive official "Cougar" status?

Awesome Diane Lane pix below the fold. Enjoy...

DL diane edit.JPG

DL 2005.jpg

DL Diane Lane still hot at 44.JPG

DL cleavage.jpg

DL short hair.jpg

DL Super Hot.jpg


DL Red.jpg



DL 80s.JPG

DLgreen on couch 3.JPG

DLDiane Goddess In Black2.JPG

DLDiane Lane Hot.jpg



DLimages-must-love-dogs diane1.jpg

DLshort skirt.jpg

DLshow em.jpg




Posted by Gary at January 22, 2009 09:54 AM | TrackBack

Oh, my.

She always looks to me a little like Melissa Gilbert might have done had she not let herself go.

Posted by: Robbo the LB at January 22, 2009 12:29 PM

Yes, please let me drive the float with her on it in the parade. I first noticed her in that unappreciated gem, "Six Pack" with Kenny Rogers, but it wasn't until her turn as Ellen Aim in 'Streets of Fire" that I knew I had found the one. If not for her, "Judge Dredd" would be unwatchable, although ya gotta gives props to the comedy genius of Rob Schneider, too.

Please excuse me because, with such a visual overload in your post, I have to get a hold of myself.

Posted by: Paul Phillips at January 23, 2009 08:26 AM