June 09, 2011

Random Commuter Observations

There is a Hard Rock Cafe along my route of march which is a popular watering hole for bus-loads of teenagers coming to Your Nation's Capital from hither and yon. Because of the excessive heat n' humidity and because of the angle of the sun this time of year, I always hug that side of the street on the way home in order to stay in the shade.

Last evening, a large mob of kids was in front of the doors of the Hard Rock, blocking the sidewalk as effectively as a landslide. People attempting to get through, already near boiling point because of the weather, were beginning to seriously lose their tempers, and as I came up, several of them were berating the fellah in charge of said kids in no uncertain terms.

And the fellah? He seemed positively bewildered. Just couldn't understand what the problem was. If ever there was a facial expression calling for a swift smack with the clue-bat, it was his.


Is keeping the right of way clear such a difficult concept? Really?

I apologize to those lloyal camelidophiles who have read Robbo ranting about this phenomenon all these years, but it never ceases to amaze and infuriate me.

Posted by Robert at June 9, 2011 07:53 AM | TrackBack

It's not just there. I'm seeing more and more people in stores, and on the roads, who are utterly oblivious to the fact that other people are around them. Twice this year I've almost been in an accident because, with a green arrow, I've made a left hand turn. And someone decides to make a right on red turn, despite seeing me turning left. I guess they're figuring that since there are two lanes it's ok, but I'm going into the right hand lane to make a right turn in a bit. I hate sounding grumpy old man, but things (manners, social interaction) have just gotten worse the last few years. Harumph.

Posted by: rbj at June 9, 2011 08:56 AM

I hate to be a killjoy, and goodness knows I love good rant about bad drivers as much as anyone, but the other driver may not be as much as a jerk as you might think. Most vehicle codes require that a turn be made into the closest lane, and that a lane change cannot be made until the vehicle has established itself in the closest lane first, and within a certain number of feet from the intersection.

Posted by: the gripping hand at June 10, 2011 03:30 PM
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