May 11, 2011

Random Commuter Observation - Unclear On The Concept Division

This morning, the nooz blurb on the radio featured a bit about a bill introduced in the Senate to do away with tax breaks for "Big Oil." The fellah sponsoring it said, as best as I can approximate the quote, "I think that it isn't right that these companies should continue to be able to use government money, the American people's money, in order to further enhance their own businesses."

Look, I've got no brief for the oil industry, but I feel that I just can't let this kind of talk go by without saying something. So allow me to modify the words of the great John Big-Booty in order to make a point here, Senator: It ain't yer goddam money, monkey-boy!

Taxes are what we all (well, some of us) necessarily chip in to help make sure there are cops on the beat and the military has something to shoot with. But those taxes do not represent "the guv'mint's" money, or "the People's" money: In the end, those cuts still come out of our coin, yours and mine, that we earned. Uncle only has the right to take what is minimally necessary to do the things that need to be done.

To see it the other way round, to believe that these readies are somehow Uncle's ab origio, to be doled out or withheld as Uncle sees fit based on Uncle's perceptions of who is or is not worthy, well, that's just an abomination, that is.

Posted by Robert at May 11, 2011 07:42 AM | TrackBack

" take what is minimally necessary to do the things that need to be done..." The problem is that there are widely divergent opinions on what actually "needs' to be done. We are well beyond simply providing for the common defense to firmly entrenched beliefs that the government "needs" to take care of the elderly, provide education (free of charge!!) to everyone...the list goes on and on.

And it is our own fault for letting it get this way.

Posted by: Diane at May 11, 2011 09:24 AM

Exxon paid more than $21 billion in taxes of various kinds in 2010. So they are not getting off scot free, they are paying through the nose.

I would think the Feds would want "Big Oil" to make even more, so they can pay, well through other body parts...

While business school was years ago, and undergrad even further, I did learn to read an Income Statement...

Posted by: kmr at May 11, 2011 08:58 PM
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