May 01, 2011


The Archbishop of Chicago indefintely suspended the Rev. Michael Pfleger. Via Michelle Malkin. Fr. Pfleger is a left-wing nut who should have been benched a long time ago. (By way of full disclosure, I think I ran into the guy on a trip to Chicago in 2006--I travelled to the Windy City to advise a client appearing before a federal grand jury. I just left the federal building on my way to the airport and ran into a priest in Roman collar haranguing passers-by about the evils of the Iraq invasion. The priest was in a bitter shouting match with a man I took to be a vet. I continued on my way and remembered the incident when BHO II started his run for the presidentcy. Memory can be a tricky thing so I can't swear it was Pfleger but the incident fits the good father's profile. My only question is why it took the cardinal as long as it did.)

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