December 07, 2010

Your Global Government At Work

Just when you think the news out of Haiti couldn't possibly get any more wretched and awful, you learn that you're wrong:

UN peacekeepers were the most likely source of the cholera epidemic sweeping Haiti, according to a leaked report by a French disease expert.

Epidemiologist Renaud Piarroux conducted research in Haiti on behalf of the French and Haitian governments.

Sources who have seen his report say it found strong evidence that the cholera outbreak was caused by contamination of a river by UN troops from Nepal.

The UN said it had neither accepted nor dismissed the findings.

I'll bet.

According to the article, the likely culprits were a Nepalese unit that dug its latrines in the wrong place and contaminated a nearby river.

Jesus wept.

I suppose the Hatians have one thing about which they can be grateful: U.N. "peacekeapers" operating in sub-Saharan Africa have a habit of raping and pillaging. Here they're just fouling the water supply.

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