December 07, 2010

Pearl Harbor

A day that will live in infamy. . . Ted Nugent's piece is here. A next door neighbor growing up was a Pearl Harbor survivor, Arizona to be exact. He was a gunner's mate and was fortunate enough to be blown off the exposed deck of the battleship by an explosion. He surfaced naked in burning oil and swam to Ford Island. An officer's wife gave him a blanket and he watched his ship sink into the harbor with hundreds of his shipmates trapped inside. He made the Navy a career, became a chief, and retired as a lieutenant. He attended every anniversary of the attack as one of the dwindling members of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association until Alzheimers stole his memories. I can only wonder if his remains were interred on the wreck. (Oil still seeps from Arizona and legend has it the fuel will stop leaking when the last of her survivors dies.)

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