February 18, 2011

Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?

We. Be. Bad.

911 Operator: Cleveland County 911. Griffin: Yeah… (inaudible)… in my yard… tried to attack me… It's got me hemmed up in my car out here. 911 operator: What's got you hemmed up? Griffin: A llama. 911 operator: A llama? Griffin: Yeah on Range Road. Oh God!!! Its jumping on my car now. (The 911 operator goes on to the get the exact location of the caller who said he was near Baptist Church.) 911 operator: What kind of vehicle are you in? Griffin: I'm in a gray Oldsmobile. 911 operator: Gray Oldsmobile? Griffin: He jumped me over and knocked me into… (inaudible) 911 Operator: Have you wrecked your vehicle… or does he have you stopped? Griffin: I'm in my yard. 911 operator: Ok. I've got some help on the way. Griffin: Get out of here! 911 operator: Do you know who it belongs to? (Phone goes dead.)

A few seconds later, the Llama fought the Law....and won:

Cleveland County Sheriff Detective Micah Sturgis arrived and the llama then focused its attention on his unmarked patrol car.

Sturgis immediately called dispatchers and reported: "County, I got a llama chasing me down Range Road."

The llama continued to attack the patrol car, but Sturgis refused to exit his vehicle.

"I don't know what I'm gonna do," Sturgis told the dispatcher. "Its chasing me all the way up Range Road. If you stand still, it tries to butt the car."

The article claims the Llama was named Henry, but everybody knows his real name is Steve-O.

Yips! to ChrisN, who dropped the link in the Tasty Bits (TM) Mail Sack.

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Tequila benders never end well.

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