October 28, 2010

Gratuitous World Series Game 2 Observation

Ya know.....

Sure, I want the Giants to win the Series.

Sure, in retrospect they had tonight's game in the bag after six innings of starting pitching.

But, Jesum Crow, the performance turned in by the Rangers' bullpen was downrignt.......shameful. I've seen the Llama-ettes' softball teams field pitchers better than that. Wheh you're in the World Series, you do not load the bases on balls and then proceed to bring in a couple more runs with additional balls.

It just ain't right at this level.

So super-sekret message to Texas: Yes, I want San Francisco to win it all, but for Heaven's sake, guys, man up!

Posted by Robert at October 28, 2010 10:28 PM | TrackBack

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