October 28, 2010

Have Some Cheese, Rat!

Regular Friend of the Orgle Mike sends along a column about a subject near and dear to my heart, namely that sinkhole of fraudulent "happiness" known as Disney World:

It is billed as the ‘happiest place on Earth’ where workers are known as cast members rather than employees.

But life in Disney’s Magical ­Kingdom is not so magical, according to a survey of the best U.S. companies to work for.

Disney ranked 41st in the list, dozens of places below the army, where soldiers on deployment to Afghan­istan face the daily threat of death from roadside bombs and Taliban snipers.

All four branches of the military ranked higher than Disney, which employs more than 100,000 worldwide in theme parks including those in Florida, ­California and Paris.

Disgruntled Disney workers have dubbed the parks ‘Mousewitz’ because they were so unhappy with working conditions.

And ‘cast members’ at Disneyland Paris earlier this year started referring to it as the ‘unhappiest place on Earth’ following the ­suicide of three workers.

Union leader Guy-Bruno Mboe called work conditions ‘brutal’ and complained: ‘It’s all about profit, profit, profit.’

Ha! Vindication is MINE!

For what it's worth, it isn't just the Magic Kingdon's working class that suffers. I recall talking with a fellah a few years back who did a little contract legal work with the suits and was of the opinion that Corporate HQ wasone of the most vicious, cut-throat places he'd ever seen.

And of course, any patron with the slightest shred of human dignity knows that the happy talk is a mile wide and half an inch deep.

The old campaigners around here will recall that I went once to Mickey's Lair about six years ago. I am terribly greatful that it's very unlikely I need ever go again.

Posted by Robert at October 28, 2010 01:55 PM | TrackBack

The in-laws took Mrs. LMC and the kiddies while I was deployed. Box checked--good; box checked without my involvement--priceless!

Posted by: LMC at October 28, 2010 06:26 PM

He shoots! He SCORES!

Posted by: Robbo the LB at October 28, 2010 10:30 PM

I hate all things Disney. That pint sized rat is just a little too chipper all the time. T'ain't natural, I says. There may be a bit of chemical help involved.

But all about profit? Um, isn't that what business is supposed to be about?

Posted by: rbj at October 29, 2010 08:35 AM

I have to wonder if a tour of duty might improve those mouskateers view of the place?

Posted by: Bob Mulroy at November 6, 2010 04:36 PM
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