March 15, 2011

Aging Hippies And Union Thugs Descend Upon My Town By The Thousands Hundreds Dozens?

Yeah, today was's great "defend the workers" rallies across the country to protest the fiscal responsibility of the great State of Wisconsin.

The word apparently went out and it was picked up by a local chiropractor (who no doubt is on's e-mail spam list) and he took it upon himself to organize one of these things in my town, right in front of a school. Though they had no permit and the School Superintendent plead ignorance over the whole affair, the local police let them gather.

I drove past the demonstration at 5:45pm, 15 minutes into it (what should have been the "height" of the event) and by my estimate there may...MAY...have been twenty people, about half of which were holding signs.

One of the signs said "America has a Koch problem". I couldn't help wonder how many people driving by read this to themselves pronouncing the name like "watch" and thinking "What do they have against Ed Koch?"

I wanted to get pics but a couple of police were stationed at each end, probably to keep an eye open for conflict, and I couldn't get close enough. But really, this was pathetic.

And you just know each of these rent-a-protesters were cursing Japan for stealing all the media oxygen.

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