January 12, 2011

Storm of the Century - CT Edition

Wow. Just...wow. Sitting here in Western Connecticut - we got HAMMERED. Two feet on top of what we already had.

Obviously, I'm homebound today with the wife and the runts. The wife keeps worrying that the roof will cave in. I tell her "Don't worry. She'll hold together." (and gently patting the walls "Hear me baby? Hold together.")

The first order of business - construct a five-plus foot high snow fort/man cave out in the back yard. I have to keep busy or my bathroom door could end up looking like this by the end of the day:

heres johnny.jpg

Yips! from Robbo: This is the third near-miss of the year for us down in my part of the Great Commonwealth of Virginny, producing only about an inch. As Calvin says, getting an inch of snow is like winning ten cents in the lottery.

Mid-Day Update:Had to go to plan B (explanation later) but making serious progress on the Man Cave. And the sun is helping out - making the structure more solid. Will add pix later this evening. Where's that shovel?

OK, so the original plan was to use the "brick-maker" mold to create a perfectly symmetrical castle. But the snow was just too fluffy for that. So "plan B" - simply creating a huge pile of snow and digging out - worked out pretty well:


The two older scrubs fit quite well. In fact, they decided to hang out in the "man cave" up until the dinner bell.


On the down side, I'm exhausted. Need some serious sleep.

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