December 26, 2010


Last Wednesday, I was discussing the recent lack of inclement weather in the Northeast to Mid-Atlantic area this past December. And yes, I actually mentioned to a co-worker that "This is the first December in recent memory where it looks like I'll go the whole month without a single snow plowing."

Har-Har-Har...oh FRAK!!!!

So, having gone and mocked mother nature we shall all suffer for this outrage.

Snowy? Will you accept a humble apology?

"You pissed off mommy, bee-otch! Now...feel the power of this fully armed and operational weather front!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!"

Posted by Gary at December 26, 2010 10:23 AM | TrackBack

We were poo-pooing the approaching "storm" on Christmas Day here in Newport News. We've already got a good 6" or so, slated to get about a foot by Monday morning. Fortunately I planned to drive out on Tuesday. But even there I told my boss my return was weather dependent. Might be Wednesday, because there are no snowplows here.

Posted by: rbj at December 26, 2010 01:01 PM
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