December 23, 2010

Christmas 2007

This is a post from December 2008:

We landed in Kuwait on Christmas Eve on our way home and headed to a camp in the desert for several days before flying back to the States. We got settled in late in the evening and I called home shortly after midnight local time, meaning it was midmorning at Fort LMC. I missed my wife but got a hold of my mother who had been hanging on the end of her rosary beads throughout the deployment. Christmas Day was the first full day that I did not have to be worried about getting mortared, rocketed, shot, or blown up, much less making the wrong decision and getting one of my soldiers hurt. It was if the weight of the world was suddenly gone.

I will always remember the camp dining facility decorated for Christmas with every conceivable holiday food set out while carols played on the sound system. Most of all, I will remember flying into Norfolk a few days later, seeing Mrs. LMC and the kids at the airport, and the sight of the post headquarters decorated for the holidays as we pulled into the driveway. There is truly no place like home.

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