November 28, 2010


There is much hand-wringing in the MSM about how much expiration of the Bush tax cuts is going to "cost" the Treasury. To all the high-income libs who talk about how they are willing to pay higher taxes, I say: Why wait? If you are concerned about how flat or declining revenues will impact public safety or public education, then write a check and make a donation. Your local government or public school will gladly cash it. Virginia has a much-hated and highly regressive property tax on motor vehicles--the dreaded car tax. Republicans in the mid-nineties passed car tax relief which reduced but did not elminate the personal property tax on cars. They had the presence of mind to add a line to every taxpayers bill which listed the amount of tax relief as a credit against the assessment. Whenever my liberal friends bemoaned how much car tax relief was costing the Virginia Beach public schools, I told them to set the example and write a check to the Virginia Beach Schools Foundation in the exact amount of the car tax relief. None took me up on it.

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