August 09, 2010


Ranging from the eager--

"It's about time you crawled back, you slackard! And since you didn't remember today is my 53rd birthday, I have a little something extra for you . . . "

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to the sublime--

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"Hello Robbo, so sweet to remember my birthday--have a nice time on your trip?"

(All birthday reminders past, present, and future are via the fishwrapper faithfully deposited each morning on the porch of the post headquarters, located, of course, amidst the vast real estate holdings which comprise Fort LMC).

YIPS! from Robbo: The actual response of my co-workers was along the lines of, "What? You were gone? When?"

But Dude - Gillian Anderson...sublime? Whereas Glenn Close boiled the bunny because the script demanded it, I'm guessing Gilly does it just because she loves the smell of parboiled hare in the morning.

Not that this would be such a bad way to go. But, still.........

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