July 09, 2010

Go, Dog, Go

Your tax money at work:

WASHINGTON - Now your pet can make a pit stop too before getting on the plane with you at two D.C. area airports. Dulles and Reagan National Airports have opened "pet relief areas" to give dogs a place to go to the bathroom at the airport.

The pet areas were created because of federal rules requiring "service animal relief areas" for service animals that accompany passengers on trips, but the areas are also open for families traveling with pets.

Each fenced-in dog bathroom at Dulles has a fake fire hydrant, artificial grass, and bags so the owners can clean up after their pups. There are three pet areas outside the main terminal and two inside the concourses. The indoor locations have ventilation and flushing systems to keep everything clean.

Reagan National has all four of its pets areas outside on natural grass before you get through security.

Of course, the problem with this is that it poses some serious equal protection issues. What about cats? Or pigs? Or, must I say it, llamas?

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