July 06, 2010

It's The Extreme, Baybee!

As I posted below, certain persons within my network of acquaintances had some fun at my expense over the weekend upon learning that I didn't care to go on a zip line tour. (Yeah, I'm looking at you, Mr. Steve-O "View from the Ladies' Tee" Llama!)

Well. I dunno if it would help my street cred at all, but one thing I've always actually wanted to do in the adventure line is go on one of these tornado-chasing trips:

If you’re looking for a whirlwind holiday, a break in America’s Midwest might just fit the bill.

Storm-chasers Roger and Caryn Hill are now taking British punters on the hunt of their lives following deadly and destructive tornadoes.

Ploughing their way through 'Tornado Alley', the couple drive groups of up to 18 people in three buses and charge up to £230 a day for a ten-day chase.

Sign me up. And no, my interest has absolutely nothing to do with Helen Hunt in a wet tee and sports bra.

Actually, I've got to make a couple trips out to the Heartland this summah on biznay. Last time I went, I got caught in a mondo blizzard, so who knows what might be waiting in store this go round.

Imminent rueage, no doubt.

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