June 30, 2010

Random Commuter Observation (TM) - "Bad Moon Rising" Division

There exists in Your Nation's Capital an outfit called DC Pedicab. It is, essentially, a rickshaw service, providing bike cabs by which patrons can get directly from Point A to Point B, or, if they have more time on their hands, meander leisurely among the many sights of the city, all the while patting themselves on the back for their environmental sensitivity.

I have no particular problem with the existence of such a service, or even with its preening enviro-smugness. No, what bugs me about this one is that DC Pedicab chose to go with a fleet of the kind of rickshaw in which the peddler sits up in front of the passengers, instead of the kind where the peddler is mounted behind. It occurs to me that the last thing anyone would want to see on a typical hot and humid Dee Cee summah day is a pair of sweaty buttocks toiling away a mere three feet in front of one's face.

(And no, there is no as who should say aesthetic redemption in any of the bike-jockeys that I've seen. They're mostly dufus college kids and middle aged guys with beer guts.)

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