May 19, 2010

Gratuitous Nats Posting (TM) - Even-Stephens Edition

Nats Hat.jpg

Our Maximum Leader bewails the Nats' drop back to the .500 mark with last night's 5th straight loss, but consoles his villainous self with the philosophick thought that hey, these things happen. He looks forward to tonight's return to Natstown where, hopefully, we'll be able to put the hurt on the Mets again.

I agree. It's been a grueling road trip, and finishing up with the Rockies and teh Cards is no picnic for any team. Somebody or other was pointing out recently that aside from our still-to-come bouts with The Team That Must Not Be Named, we've been in the toughest part of our schedule for the year. Hopefully, we'll have some kinder stretches coming up, and a chance to catch our breath.

Maxy mentions wild-card contention. I must say that for all my enthusiasm, I have never given this year's post-season any serious consideration. My cherished desire is that the team finishes better than .500 and somewhere in the middle of the pack, say third. (Although with the way everyone else in the NL East has been blowing hot and cold, it's not unreasonable yet to rule out a second place finish.) To me, this would be terrific, far exceeding the timid predictions made by the pundits before the season started, and setting us up to be a contendah next year.

In the meantime, we shall see.


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