April 10, 2010


One can straddle the fence for only so long before the game is up as Bart realizes he is toast. This reminds me of a certain law school dean who attempted to have it both ways on the explosive issue of gays in the military just after the Gulf War. "Et tu, Randy?"

Linkie courtesy of the fine folks at Hot Air; Robbo soundbite from the alma mater student scandal sheet

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Rep Stupak will not be celebrated for asute compromise, but for buckling under pressure. This was a signiture moment, a true test of a man's character - had he withstood the pressure, he would have been a profile in courage, standing on Principle, the cost be damned. Sadly, he will be remembered as a man whose principles met their price.

Posted by: KMR at April 10, 2010 12:00 PM
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