December 28, 2009

And I Thought I Was Eloquent After A Few Beers A Time Or Two

Via Hot Air.

Seriously, Max sounds like he (a) has a speech impediment no one ever pointed out before; (b) suffered a transient ischemic attack; (c) hit the sauce before taking to the floor; or (d) has not slept in 36 hours.

Yips! From Robbo: Actually, it sounds an awful lot like self in the first round of the International Moot Court competition I argued at William & Mary (aka "Bill and the Bitch") my third year of law school at 7 ack emma after a late night pub-crawl with my team-mates (INCLUDING the LMC, whose fear of arrest by the local constabulary for DWI, I need not mention). Damme if I remember what I said, but I understand that the judges of that round found my presentation to be pretty durn good.

The sequel was much uglier: I argued my second round just after lunch with a wicked pissah hangovah, heightened by the fact that my opponent was a weedy little dork from Duke who had a simply fabulous babe in tow who was evidently nuts about him. I recall that I couldn't remember any of my arguments at that point and resorted to abusing my opponent for being such a freakin' nerd as to take International Law seriously.

Suffice to say, we tanked.

LMC YIPS: It was, as they say, a weekend to remember. Note to the old alma mater: never send four second-semester third-year law students on an out-of-town moot court trip. Said foursome will treat it like an all-expenses-paid congressional junket, i.e, nothing productive will come of it. We did not come in dead last but almost.

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Ha! He sounds worse than my Uncle Vic did after he polished off that bottle of Chianti on Thanksgiving.

Posted by: Gary at December 28, 2009 09:18 PM