December 30, 2009

A New Year's Point Of Order - "Wait For It" Division

From the Tasty Bits (TM) Mail Sack:

"Tom, do you have any words of Llama wisdom for the end of the decade?"

Well, perhaps I will if I'm spared long enough, but the query is premature. 2010 will be the last year of the first decade of the 21st Century, not the first year of the second decade.

So no "End of the Decade" posting here. Not yet.

That is all.

(I didn't have a blog back in 2000, so couldn't air my grievances on-line against those morons who mistakenly thought it to be the first year of the 21st Century, so this is a point that's been festering in the depths of my "brain" for some time now.)

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