June 12, 2010

Amazing How One's Time Opens Up

I finished the non-resident portion to the U.S. Army War College and have only a two-week session next month at Carlisle Barracks between me and a degree in strategic studies that will not add a cent to the LMC household bottom line. For the first time in two years, I have finally had the time to work on a long line of household projects. First up: fabricating a lid to the toilet tank in the children's bathroom (according to a five-year old neighbor, the old lid apparently levitated from its customary resting place before shattering on the tile floor--its is obvious that the momentary existence of a quantum micro-singularity which suspended the law of gravity is the only reasonable explanation taking into consideration said neighbor and her penchant for drama). A piece of wood from the man-shed, and several coats of primer and we are on to the next project--repainting the living room. The first coat went on this morning and the second will go on after the kiddies are in bed--all made possible by the fine folks at Home Depot. Other projects: repainting the master bedroom, the bathrooms, and removing three trees from the backyard.

I promised my wife I would take the kids to the pool or the beach at least once every weekend I am home during the summer. We went to the beach the pool over the Memorial Day weekend and today we went to the pool. All in all, not bad, not bad at all.

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