May 25, 2010

Sarah Palin's Media Stalker

Joe Maginess is stalking Sarah Palin, according to Hot Air.

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$arah accuses McGinniss of “yellow journalism,” about which Weigel observes “Palin, who has an undergraduate degree in journalism, should understand that articles don’t become untrue when the subjects don’t agree with them.”

While Ben Smith points out, correctly, that Palin has every right to feel uncomfortable, and to say so, it doesn’t make her particular response any less hypocritical. Even if you grant Palin’s premise that McGinniss is a “yellow journalist,” her implication that he’s a voyeuristic borderline pedophile seems to denote her approval of that journalistic hue.

Finally, since it is Palin who is obsessively blogging about McGinniss’ new, private living arrangement, doesn’t that make her the stalker here? For all we know, that property was the most suitable one available to McGinniss, and he’s just moving in to mind his own business and do his job. It’s not like he is taking to the internet to give updates from the property line. Given that his job is to write about Palin, it’s hard to imagine a more suitable location.

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