May 18, 2010

They're BAAAAA-aaaack!!!

A great article in the Telegraph about 10 actual or rumored remakes of 80's flicks. Here's the entry on the upcoming reboot of Tron:

UK release date: 26 December 2010

Baffling bike-racing-in-cyberspace nonsense which hinges on a computer programmer being "digitised" with a big laser or something is rebooted (appropriately enough) as baffling bike-racing-in-cyberspace nonsense with better graphics.

Ridiculousness potential: Huge. In 1982, the word "cyberspace" was freighted with possibility, thrill and danger, and it was possible to believe that being a web hacker would involve driving around a 3D virtual world on a magic light-cycle fighting artificially intelligent security software. In 2010, the word "cyberspace" is as dangerous and thrilling as the word "Willesden", and we know that most of it involves supermarket home delivery services and pornography. We also now know that hackers are not digital daredevils but overweight, bearded men in Red Dwarf T-shirts who, in between battles on World of Warcraft, find time to trick your Hotmail account into firing out spam. None of this lends itself to an exciting cinema experience.

Go read the rest. Among other projects, apparently there are plans to redo Ghostbusters, Police Academy and......Top Gun?

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