April 29, 2010


Ken Salazar's decision this week to permit a windmill farm off of Cape Cod seems to have the greenies, American Indians, and the exhalted Kennedy Clan at each other's throats. I love it..

Posted by LMC at April 29, 2010 05:58 AM | TrackBack

NPR had a story earlier this week (last week?) about greenies upset over a planned solar power plant proposed for the Mojave desert. They do not want a "green" economy, they want a pre-industrial, feudal society -- as long as they get to be the nobility.

Posted by: rbj at April 29, 2010 08:03 AM

special extra bonus power source: put a generator on Ted Kennedy's spinning coffin. It's all good. 'you don't understand. that's where I sail.'

Posted by: dave.s. at April 29, 2010 07:36 PM
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