April 26, 2010

Robbo Is Currently Listening To.....

Yesterday found the Family Robbo on a whirlwind visit to the vast but secure landholding known as Fort LMC, there to witness the baptism of the newest of the LMC's younglings.

The baptism took place in a private ceremony immediately following Mass and was presided over by a priest who, it occurred to me much later, looked exactly like the creepy doctor who was going to torture Der Ahnold for information in True Lies and who Der Ahnold instead gave a detailed (and accurate) description of his own death shortly before it happened.

At any rate, there were five babies scheduled for dunking. Four of them, together with family and friends, assembled on time. The fifth was about twenty minutes late and only appeared after the ceremony was already well under way. The priest, who had been scanning the horizon and looking at his watch throughout, took one look at the new arrival, muttered "Too late..." and carried on with what he was doing.

I didn't see what happened after the latecomers were told to get lost, but I assume they'll have to come back next month. Perhaps they've learned a valuable lesson about punctuality.

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