April 12, 2010


Mrs. LMC and I decided several months ago that my oldest will follow his little sister to the local Catholic school next fall. In the meantime, we have tried (without much success) to attend to the lad's religious education through a kind of outpatient program through our parish church: "Family Faith Formation". Alas, attendance was rather spotty which is one of the reasons we opted for the resident course at the elementary school. I received a call this morning from my bride to inform me that one of the program coordinators called one of her cronies, a mom with a kid in the Family Faith class, to fill in for one of the teachers. When Mrs. LMC's friend told this functionary that she was not Catholic, this person told her not to worry. The friend will no doubt do her best but this functionary should have not put her in that positon since the gal is not only not Catholic, she is not even Christian. In fact, she is a Muslim--albeit a nonpracticing one.

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