March 31, 2010


My 25th is at the end of next month in that quintessential sleepy college town of Lexington, Virginia, known to generations of students as Metro-Lex. One thing that seems to have gone up since I graduated (the second time) is the price of reunioning--the hotel is setting us back 350 pesos and the reunion fee is $205 a head. I have fond memories of the agressive student loan portfolio I acquired during my years at Washington and Lee so this had better be worth it. I shudder to think what tuition must be.

UPDATE: Monica Mink tells me not to sweat it for we will have a blast. That may be so, but I will get clipped again next year for even more when Robbo and I return with our spouses and progeny for the 20th law school reunion and shakedown.

Yips! from Robbo: Cripes, the way things are going, the Orgle Manor Comptroller's Office tells me the only way we may be able to afford to go is if we can work out some kind of progeny barter deal! (Will trade daughter for open bar.)

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And just wait until you see what a shade-grown, fair-trade worker's paradise it's become. Lloyds has been replaced by an eatery which prominently features sprouts. Boutique coffee, boutique chocolate, boutique wineries and herb farms. It's all very nice, mind you, but a far cry from the day. And yet nothing REALLY changes in Lex! You'll have a blast.

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