March 11, 2010


Enrollment is up. By way of full disclosure, ROTC was the source of my commission nearly 25 years ago.

Posted by LMC at March 11, 2010 08:51 PM | TrackBack

My father was only able to go to college because of ROTC scholarships. And then he had a nice 20 year career in the Navy, too. ROTC good.

Posted by: jen at March 12, 2010 11:11 AM

My boss was bitching and is still unhappy about his sons choice to join ROTC. Looks like he'll (the son) be in Armor. I made a point of thanking and congratulating him.

Anyhoo, valuing my job as I do, I bit my tongue and refrained from pointing out the hypocrisy of an Iranian-American who came here just before the Shah was deposed complaining about his son joining the one organization that does more than anyone else to guarantee him the freedoms he AND his son would not have in his homeland.

Posted by: B.B. at March 14, 2010 01:22 AM
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