December 03, 2009

Catching Tiger By The Tail

(Oh, ain't I clever?)

I must say I have very mixed feelings about this whole Tiger Woods bimbo eruption biznay. Probably my chief reaction is a renewed horror of the celebrity cult which has become so central to our so-called culture, and all the attendant evils that go with it.

I sorta, kinda feel sorry for Woods himself. He is, after all, only human, and in the end is as fallen as anyone else. One can only hope that he makes it through all this, patches things up with his wife, and perhaps learns a lesson or two. On the other hand, I don't believe he gets a "this is a private matter with my family so bug off" bye on this one. Woods is paid jillions of dollars for being Woods, for playing his part in the celebrity cult. Thus, I believe he's perfectly fair game for the media circus.

Not saying it's at all right from a moral standpoint, but that's the deal he made.

Or, as They Might Be Giants once sang, "Can't shake the devil's hand and say you're only kidding."

UPDATE: Hmm, I seem to have been tagged as a spam troll in my own comment section. (How odd is that?) What I wanted to say was that beyond a few headlines I have not really delved that deep into the story. If, as Mink Monica notes, this is a serial matter, that of course changes the balance of sympathy significantly, and not in Woods' favor.

Meanwhile, Althouse has a post re-enforcing in my mind the sick-making qualities of the celebrity cult math swirling around this business.

Posted by Robert at December 3, 2009 08:44 AM | TrackBack

Rick Santorum talked a bit about this on Bill Bennett's radio show this morning. First he rebutted Ted Kennedy's assertion that the Catholic Church is cool with pro-choicers because it's cool with humans "in all their imperfection." Santorum said sure, imperfection is one thing...sin, failure, impurity etc...but choosing abortion is a more willful act, not to be put in the category of "imperfection" (whoopsy! my bad!). Woods' serial adultery also falls outside of failure/transgression/mistake because of its willful, repeated pattern.

Harder to feel sorry for a serial offender.

Posted by: Mink Monica at December 3, 2009 10:07 AM

Did Tiger wander? Yes. That said, once everything was done, he did his best (successfully) to spare Elin from arrest & prosecution. Yes, that was not according to the strict letter of the law. However, no public purpose would have been served by her arrest & prosecution.

Tiger has lots of 'splaining to do and no one knows if he can mend Elin's broken heart. Keeping her away from the authorities was a good first step.

Posted by: Captain Ned at December 3, 2009 08:51 PM
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