January 01, 2010

Now I Understand Why My Wife Is A Little Crispy

by the time I come home. My bride picked up some bug last weekend which wiped her out, forcing me to work from home and juggle all of the duties normally executed by the Chief of Staff. The Christmas holidays complicated matters with the six and four year olds at home, not to mention their baby sister. Daddy's meal choices are never good enough for my progeny so matter how much (or little) effort goes into it. The lack of gratitude extends to cleaning, bath time, toy repair, and a host of other functions large and small.

The Blessings were further put out because Mrs. LMC's illness forced us to cancel a New Year's Eve wingding at Orgle Manor, an annual observance since 1993. They did not get to see Uncle Robbo and Aunt The Butcher's Wife and the LLama-ettes and are more than a little pissy about it.

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