December 04, 2009

Catholic School Parent Chronicles

Our Little Debutante scored mid-year entry to the nearest Catholic school which produced several immediate results. First, Daddy's wallet was lightened of unnecessary cash that would otherwise be frittered away in pointless pursuits. Second, your humble LMC was re-introduced to the regimented life of an elementary school under the control of Holy Mother Church. Third, I learned the importantance of not deviating from any one of a number of local practices applies not just to the student, but to the parent as well, such as: (i) no peanut butter or foil juice containers in Our Little Debutante's lunchbox; (ii) park in the prescribed drop-off area (or else!); (iii) the manila envelop which goes back in forth in the bookbag has to be laminated, despite the fact the cost and trouble of lamination is far more expensive than the cost of the envelop; and (iv) prayers start at 0755 sharp and your kid has to be in the classroom and if you are still there dropping her off, you get the fuzzy eye.

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