November 16, 2009

Open, Sesame!

I'm Robbo the Llama and I'm an idjit.

Sitting down to serve up a helping of inspired Llama insanity over the weekend, it suddenly occurred to me that I didn't have the faintest idea what my MooKnoo password might be. I've had the thing for, what, four years now? But it was completely gone.



No, not for my day job.


Well, yeah, but I've had the password longer than I've had my hatred of the Phils.


Patience, grasshopper.


Well, a nice thought but too wordy.


Actually, that's probably Gary's. (And if you're in to Tolkien, it's really a pretty durn good one.)

Well, as you can see, after some feverish brainstorming, I finally re-remembered the blasted thing. And no, it's not "AndersonCooperIsSatan'sTeabag."

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