August 21, 2009

May The Farce Be With You

Because it's Friday:

I gather this is Episode II which either just did or is just about to come out. The Llama-ettes and I watched the first episode last evening courtesy of Netflix. Hy-larity ensued, although they watched it again this morning and informed me that they didn't think it was as funny the second time.

And speaking of such things, here's a hy-larious article on the most epic FAILS in Star Wars design. A sample:

Stormtrooper Uniforms

They stand out like a sore thumb in every environment but snow, the helmets restrict view ("I can't see a thing in this helmet!" -- Luke Skywalker), and the armor is penetrable by single shots from blasters. Add it all up and you have to wonder why stormtroopers don't just walk around naked, save for blinders and flip-flops.

Go enjoy the rest. Probably ought to respect the no hot beverages rule, too.

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