July 29, 2009

Because Nothing Says "Summahtime" Like A Greased Cod

Ol' Robbo heads out for his annual vacation jaunt up to Maine a week from tomorrow. Pity I didn't go a bit early this year, because I'd liked to have seen this:

MILBRIDGE, Maine The annual Cod Fish Races in coastal Maine were disrupted when police say alcohol-fueled fighting led to a brawl involving up to 60 people, sending two to the hospital. State Police Trooper Barry Curtis said Saturday's melee in Milbridge stemmed from a dispute earlier in the afternoon over someone's driving.

The Bangor Daily News reported that Town Manager Lewis Pinkham also the police chief and another person were treated for minor injuries.

One person was charged with assault and three others were issued disorderly conduct summonses.

The races are part of the Milbridge Days town birthday party. Teams dressed in firefighters' gear run across a baseball field, clenching a greased, dead, 20-pound cod, and get sprayed with hoses.

Maybe next year.....

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