July 16, 2009

Who Knew The "K" In K-Car Stood For "Khan"?

Your required coffee-break reading: A discussion of Genesis-like reconfiguration and resurgence of the Star Trek and Chrysler brands in the early 1980's, in both instances thanks to a single name: Reliant. A sample:

Just as Paramount would repurpose its Reliant and the associated intellectual property well past the original's expiration date (between the century-long reuse of both the Miranda-class and Excelsior-class hulls, I'm thinking [Lee] Iacocca lives on as Zombie Vice-Admiral of Federation Starship Development), Chrysler flogged the Reliant and its kin well past the point of appreciable sense.

Go read the rest. (The No Hot Beverages Rule is in effect.)

Yips! to the Puppy-Blender.

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