April 06, 2009

Gratuitous Nats Posting - Opening Day Edition


Yes, indeedy, the Nats open the season this afternoon down in Miami against the Marlins. Woo Hoo!

Our Maximum Leader has a few predictions about this season. Here are a few of my own:

- The Nats don't lose 100 games. (Maybe 101, maybe 99. Not 100.)
- Ryan Zimmerman gets his Golden Glove (as opposed to earning it, which he's already done).
- Nick Johnson stops impersonating Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford, starts impersonating Chevy Chase as Ty Webb.
- MASN cracks the magic "10,000 viewing households" ceiling.
- The expression "The Plan" is officially retired.
- Screech the Mascot gets into brawl with Philly Phanatic - beats the living Jaysus out of him.
- No Mo Willie Mo. (Whoops! Already happened!)
- Teddy finally wins presidential race but Jeffersonian legal challenge drags decision all the way to Supreme Court. In dramatic ruling, Justice Scalia orders Jefferson guillotined on White House lawn.
- Because of acquisition of Adam Dunn, "no kryptonite" rule at Nationals Park strictly enforced.
- Austin Kearns gets restraining order against Mrs. Robbo.

Okay, okay - all but one of the above are jokes.

In reality, here's what I think will happen - the team will finally stay healthy and will surprise a lot of people. The starting rotation will quickly become the talk of the sports press and the bullpen, well, won't let anyone down too badly. Solid third place finish in the NL East. Plus, whatever else happens, at the end of the day today we'll still be within at least a game of first place.

But here is what must happen above all else: PHILADELPHIA DELENDA EST!!

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Happy Opening Day!

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