February 24, 2009

A Modest Proposal

There's lots of news today about the introduction of a bill in the Senate that, if passed, would give Dee Cee a voting seat in the House of Representatives.

It's unconstitutional, of course, but never mind. It goes exactly contrary to the intent of the Founders to keep any one state from having Uncle park himself there, but never mind. It will invariably lead to a demand for two Senate seats, too, but never mind. Why never mind? Because it's so unfair that residents of Dee Cee pay taxes but don't get to vote!

For many years now I have argued that if the folks of Dee Cee really want statehood and all the fixin's that go with it, then Uncle needs to take out his giant, fed'ral-sized X-acto knife. He needs to slice out the National Mall and the area immediately around it. He needs to cut out a few plots of land here and there with other large fed'ral edifices on them. He needs to stamp these parcels "Property of United States Government - Federal District." He then needs to collect up all the rest of the uncut-out bits and mail them to Maryland with his blessings.

Simple, really. Plus, there's already not much difference between Marylanders and Dee Cee'ers, except the fact that the Marylanders are much worse drivers. I know there's already a Ft. Washington, Maryland, which might cause a bit of confusion, but I'm sure the good folks of the newest addition to the Old Line State could come up with something creative if they felt the need for change. How about Obamaville?

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In the vein of great minds and all that, I've been suggesting the same dang thing myself for the last 15 years or so. Just call it Washington DC, MD - I have no problem with that. Heck, just keep calling it Washington DC with the understanding that it's Maryland - I couldn't care less.

And honestly, I've always wondered why folks who live in DC get their panties in a knot about it -- they CHOSE to live there. If it means that much, move.

Posted by: beth at February 24, 2009 09:54 AM

Well, as a former resident of Ft. Washington (MD), my immediate impression every time I visit the place is that it already IS Obamaville. Of course, that applies to the rest of PG county as well.

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