November 01, 2009


The local fishwrapper is reporting Bob McDonnell's double digit lead on the front page, albeit below the fold. Until now, it's approach to McDonnell's months of double-digit lead has been to ignore it and for its editorial board to (predictably) endorse Creigh Deeds. Now there is little doubt that McDonnell will win in a landslide with the only debate being how far down the ballot his coattails will extend. The late-breaking news from NY-23 is the RINO candidate has bowed out and the Conservative Party nominee is leading his Dem opponent and the conventional wisdom is that Doug Hoffman will win. Chris Christie is leading in New Jersey. The size of conservative victories will do much to send a message to Madame Speaker's followers who are wondering what fate will befall them next November.

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Several predictions for Wednesday morning:
#1. The White House will blame the Virginia Loss on Creigh Deeds not following the White House Script for Hope & Change

#2. Deeds will be quietly labled a poor candidate (the fact that he beat Terrance MacAuliff and Brian Moran will be quietly swept under the rug)

#3. There will be an arm twisting effort in the rawest form to nail the wavering Democrats to the mast in order to pass Obama-Socialized-Medicine as quickly as possible.

#4. If Obamacare is not passed by early December, it is not gonna pass. The Blue Dog Democrats are not gonna throw themselves under the bus for BHO...

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