September 08, 2009

Llama PSA

How often have you said to yourself, "Self, how do the lyrics to the 'Llama Song' go again?"

Well, my friends, you need no longer scratch your head in baffled frustration at not knowing the answer, because the the Albino Blacksheep has got you covered.


Yips! to Llama reader Edward for tossing that one into the Tasty Bits (TM) Mail Sack.

MIA Yips! from Gary:
Dang, I saw the "play" button. I resisted. I tried really, really hard. But I'm weak. Weak, I say! Now I've got that song stuck in my head AGAIN!! ARRRRGHHH!!!

Yips! back from Robbo: Wow! A tasty-bit comment from Steve-O and a yip from Gary all in the same week! Woo Hoo!!! (BTW, Steve, that Helen Hunt blow-up doll in the Zimmerman jersey? Can't. Get. Out. Of. My. Mind!)

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Here's the video link, just in case you missed it!

Posted by: the gripping hand at September 9, 2009 09:03 AM