August 22, 2009

LMC Disaster Prep

The looming arrival of more offspring triggered new flooring, renovation of the lauundry room/pantry into a home office, and movement of the Future ROTC Scholarship Recipient into the room over the garage to make room for the baby. Mrs. LMC was chatting up the electrician who moved the dryer outlet to the garage, got a quote to install a junction box for the generator, and $750 later, it is ready to go. Now in the event of some disaster, wheel out the Generac, plug it in, and away we go. Of course, this means a hurricane will not strike the Virginia Beach area for at least another twenty years.

Posted by LMC at August 22, 2009 08:29 PM | TrackBack

Now you just need to bury the generator and hook it up to natural gas.

Posted by: Kathy at August 23, 2009 12:44 PM

Kathy, I gave that considerable thought but the danger with hurricanes is it knocks trees over. I did not want to run the risk of a gas line compromised by a root ball that was uprooted.

Posted by: LMC at August 23, 2009 03:47 PM

In 1987, during an interview with a selection board for OCS, I was asked if I would obey an illegal or immoral order. I answered "No Sir, I would not".

The officer who posed the question, indicated I had given the correct answer, citing My Lai as the example.

Posted by: kmr at August 23, 2009 05:22 PM