August 19, 2009

Random Commuter Observation (TM) - "King For A Day" Division

Greetings, loyal camelidophiles.

Standing on the metro this morning, your Maximum Llama said to himself, "Self, it might be fun to start out the day with a post in the style of your favorite blogsphere despot."

Your Maximum Llama is not sure why he got the idea. Perhaps it was because after watching his beloved Nats juuuuust miss pulling off a 9th inning come-back against the Rockies last evening, he began to wonder whether his recent post about possibly coming in under 100 losses this season might be hexing the team. Your Maximum Llama certainly hopes this is not the case.

Perhaps it was the (yet another) Llama-ette potty-stoppage overflow crisis that greeted Your Maximum Llama at the Llamahaus this morning, coupled with the fact that a contractor is coming 'round today to discuss new kitchen cabinets and countertops with Mrs. Llama, that got Your Maximum Llama thinking on the perils and pitfalls of home-improvement.

Then again, perhaps it was just that Your Maximum Llama smelled bacon somewhere.

In any event, it's good ta be da King.

Speaking of such things, Your Maximum Llama would direct your attention to a post recently written by Jen on the subject of political posting. Your Maximum Llama noted this post because he is, so to speak, in much the same boat and has been thinking much the same thing. It's too bad, but there it is. While at his work-station, it seems to Your Maximum Llama that prudence requires him to adopt the personal motto of Good Queen Bess, "I see, but I say nothing."

Carry on yipping.

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