July 23, 2009

And, Dodd must go

This in from National Review Online:

Dodd's 'Look Busy' Strategy of Recent Months Has Done Him Jack Squat

Sen. Chris Dodd has known for a while that he's been in trouble, and so we've seen him making an all-out push in recent months on an agenda tailor-made for Connecticut soccer moms darn those credit-card companies! Stop those tobacco companies from marketing to children! Everyone gets health care!

Apparently, Connecticut voters aren't buying it, as Quinnipiac's poll out this morning puts Rob Simmons ahead, 48 percent to 39 percent. Dodd's approval rating is at 42 percent and his disapproval is 52 percent, which is up a smidgen from the last Quinnipiac poll.

Both Simmons and Dodd are well ahead in their respective primaries.

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