July 23, 2009

Gratuitous Nats Posting (TM) - Turning Worm Time?

Nats Hat.jpg

Wow, what with knocking off the Mets again last night 3-1, we've actually got ourselves a gen-u-ine winning streak going on here in Dee Cee. Granted, it's only two games long and granted also that the Cards are probably going to clobber us tonight, but still......

Am I being a) clear-sighted, b) blinded by loyalty, or c) a moron in hoping that the Nats are finally beginning to pull themselves together? We shall see.

Incidentally, several commenters have questioned my use of the term "magic number" to note the number of losses (currently 55) we still need in order to beat the '62 Mets' record o' shame. Too connotative of goodiness, they say.

My first reaction was to think of Galadriel's confusion over why the hobbits would use the word "magic" to describe both her powers for good "and the deceits of the Enemy."

My second reaction was to admit that they were correct. Therefore, from here on out the number of games the Nats need to lose in order to enter the Hall of Ignominy will be referred to as the "gremlin bogey".

(Perhaps I'll never have to use it.)


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